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Meet The Man Who Created A Billion Dollar Humanity+ Company

by Annamaria Nagy February 5, 2018

Driven by a deep passion for health and helping people, Tom Bilyeu did something revolutionary in just a few short years. He co-founded a Humanity+ company that has since transformed from just being a business to a community dedicated to healthy eating with zero compromises.

About The Video

In this 23-minute talk at Mindvalley’s A-Fest, Mexico 2016, you’ll not only discover the key to creating a life you love, but also uncover the paradigm-shifting fact that changing the world is big business.

Watch the video and learn how your identity and values will drive your behavior for success.

  • (2:20) — There’s a lesson to learn from the cult movie, “The Matrix” and Tom shared how the movie gave him the intellectual framework to think about what was happening in his life;
  • (6:22) — Tom elaborated on a quote about finding your mission, one that’s deeply connected to your fundamental purpose in life;
  • (10:20) — He also shared his 60 pound weight loss journey and what it takes to achieve such a feat;
  • (15:07) — There’s Meditating and then there’s Thinkitating. Learn how you too, can take advantage of your alpha wave state;
  • (17:33) — Tom breaks down the Anti-Fragile construct you’ll need when building your values and identity;
  • (20:20) — Learn to recognize what matters after successfully building a billion-dollar business — hint: it’s not about the money.

About Tom Bilyeu & His Quest

Tom Bilyeu is a change-maker, thought leader and co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition, a company valued at over $1 billion.

The man is personally driven to help people develop the skills they need to improve themselves and the world. His intent is to use commerce to address the dual pandemic of physical and mental malnourishment.

In just a few short years, Quest Nutrition sparked a movement which contributed to an emerging lifestyle.

Through word-of-mouth and social media, customers of Quest Nutrition turned from buyers to raving fans. The success was driven by a symbiotic relationship between company and community, with one side becoming an inspiration for the other.

In other words, it became a Humanity+ company.

“Companies only have a chance at true greatness when they are driven by a mission. Our mission is to revolutionize food and make clean eating fun.

— Quest Nutrition’s Mission

What is Humanity + Company?

Here’s an excerpt from Vishen Lakhiani’s book, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind that helps define this better:


A company that works on products or solutions that help push the human race forward; for example, companies focusing on clean, renewable energy sources, companies that promote healthy living, or companies working on new ways to live on the planet.


A business whose product may fill an unsustainable or artificially-created demand that leaves the world and the human race worse off. Their business model often comes with an expensive individual, social or environmental cost.

What do cigarettes, drugs, and carbonated drinks have in common?

They kill. Without sounding morbid, the primary issue with Humanity- companies is how unsustainable their business truly is. They are built around delivering short-term gains instead of long-term solutions that push the human race forward.

But we shouldn’t be discouraged by the persistent existence of destructive companies. Because there’s a steady growth of Humanity+ companies.

Companies like Quest Nutrition, Tesla, Solar City, and Mindvalley recognize that delivering value should sustain more than a lifetime.

There is no conflict between wealth creation and doing good. In fact, it tells the world that growing market demand for healthier, more sustainable options, would mean a worldwide awakening for the greater good.

Vishen Lakhiani Interviews Tom Bilyeu

Following his A-Fest speech, Tom joined Vishen Lakhiani on stage for an insightful Q&A session.

The conversation is a deep dive into Tom’s personal journey of building humanity+ company with its fair set of challenges, practices that helped him stay true to his path, and how Quest Nutrition became “The Chosen One”.

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Are you currently working for humanity+ company or the other? Maybe you have ideas for creating a business that could directly impact communities?

We’d love to hear your story in the comments section below.

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