We Went to the Moon and Back…but Here’s What We Haven’t Explored Yet | The Silva Method

We Went to the Moon and Back…but Here’s What We Haven’t Explored Yet | The Silva Method


Isn’t it strange that, despite our insatiable thirst for an understanding of the universe around us, we know next to nothing about our greatest, most extraordinary asset of all?

One Small Step for Man…

We’re an incredibly stubborn species, no doubt.

From venturing down into the deepest, darkest pits of the ocean floor and swimming with neon beasts, to blasting ourselves into the quiet chaos of space to take that giant leap…

We’ll stop at nothing to ensure that we know everything

Human beings aren’t too keen on the idea of not understanding. To animals with no razor claws, no wings to make a quick exit, nor any ability to breathe underwater–it’s our sharp, complex minds that protect us from death. It’s our strongest tool for survival. It’s a truly brilliant marvel of evolution with limitless potential.

And don’t we know it?

What Lies Beneath the Brain

Isn’t it strange that, despite our insatiable thirst for an understanding of the universe around us, we know next to nothing about our greatest, most extraordinary asset of all?

Although we can say that we went to the moon and back, we’re still yet to fully uncover what magic and mystery lie deep within human consciousness.

The power of our mind is beyond our current awareness as a species, and we’re aware that we only use a fraction of its potential. Potential, granted, is hard to measure. But that doesn’t mean that a select few haven’t begun to push human brainpower to its ever-expanding limits.

One of those individuals went by the name of José Silva.

No Way, José!

In the beginning, José was far from supported in his studies. His findings were new, and therefore a threat to the world of science of the 50s–that at the time claimed the brain to be mostly involved with ‘the myriad of behaviors we observe in the animal kingdom.Many believed the brain to be a mere muscle that dictated the physical functioning of other organs as well as useful (or unuseful) thoughts to aid human survival.

José, on the other hand, disagreed.

José claimed that, with the right scientific instruction, anyone could develop the ability to take control of their own life by tuning into crystal-clear, compass-like intuition, enhanced creativity, increased learning speed, and deeper relaxation on demand. 

The key to unlocking all of these abilities was the surprisingly simple practice of manipulating brainwaves, which in turn, paved the way to higher states of consciousness and heightened physical and mental performance. José was convinced there was a way to tap into more areas of our brains and use them to our advantage.

José affirmed that the only thing we had to do was to follow a series of modern, scientifically-backed, guided meditations to access these altered states.

It goes without saying that José’s sanity was seriously questioned by many…even by his own wife.

But little by little, José began to pique the interest of other highly reputable scientists of the time with his revolutionary mental training model that was rigorously backed by science–The Silva Method.

From then on, The Silva Method continued to grow by word of mouth, and today it’s being practiced in more than 100 countries worldwide, in 29 different languages–and millions of people have reaped the benefits, reporting an increase in overall wellbeing.

So while it’s one of the most mysterious meditative training models on the planet, it’s by no means a secret today. 

Mind Science Foundation

What Is The Silva Method?

The Silva Method was founded by Texan radio engineer, Jose Silva in 1960. Comprised of meditative techniques for mind control, mental projection, and heightened awareness, it’s a highly optimized framework for awakening your brain’s fullest potential.

Via an easy-to-follow process, you’ll be guided through the four primary states of human consciousness as well as learn how to use each one to perform, evolve, and live at your peak.

The four levels are:

The Beta Level

Your default level of consciousness when you’re awake and alert.

The Alpha Level

A calm and receptive state experienced during relaxation and light sleep. The optimal state for learning, growth, and self-awareness.

The Theta Level

The state of meditation and deep sleep. Enables enhanced introspection, self-hypnosis, mind-body healing, and more.

The Delta Level

The deepest state of unconsciousness and dreamless sleep.

After decades of rigorous case studies and research, the Silva Method has found that the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness play the biggest roles in a person’s self-evolution. And that’s what the modern-day Silva Ultramind Quest by Vishen Lakhiani focuses upon. 

Undergoing rigorous studies, this system has been proven to evoke mental skills that are considered uncommon or even impossible for the average brain.


Vishen Lakhiani’s Discovery of The Silva Method

As the ultimate self-evolution enthusiast, it comes as no surprise that Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani wanted to get up close and personal with the Silva Method.

With high hopes of living and performing at his peak (and becoming a more successful over-the-phone Silicon Valley Salesman at the time), Vishen signed up for a crash weekend course. And the results blew his mind.

Vishen went from being rejected by hundreds of potential customers to doubling his sales in a matter of days using the Silva Method mind training hacks. Through a combination of enhanced performance, a deeply calm disposition, and razor-sharp intuition, Vishen blew his employers away. As unbelievable as it sounds, Vishen claimed that he was able to scan his hand over The Yellow Pages until he felt an intuitive pull towards a specific name and number.

More often than not, he’d land the sale.

Even more astonishing still, his sales kept doubling on a continuous basis for weeks afterward.

Although the Silva Method facilitated his unbelievable success in sales, Vishen went on to leave the corporate life of Silicon Valley. Brimming with inspiration, he went on to become a Silva Method instructor himself.

Watch the First Lesson of the Silva Ultramind System Quest

Dynamic Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani - Founder of Mindvalley

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