Lorenzo Delano, co-founder of Mindvalley's 10x Fitness Quest

Lorenzo Delano

Mindvalley trainer and co-founder of the 10x Fitness Quest

Lorenzo Delano, co-founder of Mindvalley's 10x Fitness Quest

Lorenzo Delano, the co-founder of the 10x Fitness Quest, began his journey in health and fitness at 16 after his brother’s preventable death due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

With over a decade of academic research in exercise and body science, Lorenzo has developed 10x as the culmination of his findings for optimal fitness.

He collaborates with top educators like Ben Greenfield and Ken Wilber to create transformational programs and frequently conducts 10x-based training sessions for a diverse audience, including students and teachers.


Lorenzo is the founder of Benchmark, a company that develops educational programs and courses.

He has a keen interest in translating applied sciences and various educational resources into transformative educational materials. These materials include content, courses, and programs designed to enhance learning and skill development.

Lorenzo serves as the chief education officer for several entities, where he maximizes the transformative potential of education-based assets. He converts best-selling books and lifelong works into educational courses and programs, helping others learn from and benefit from these resources.

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