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Lisa Nichols Shows How To Move People With Your Story

Lisa Nichols Shows How To Move People With Your Story


We all know how important it is to master the art of telling stories, but do you know how to do it well with your own unique voice?

    Every single thing you touch is impacted by your story.

— Lisa Nichols

About The Video

How can you actually move people with your story?

In this video, Lisa Nichols shares how “showing your story” rather than just “telling” it can help you improve every aspect of your life — both professionally and personally.

And note: your day-to-day does not have to involve public speaking for this advice to be useful.

After all, we share stories nearly every single day. Imagine what it would feel like to leave every interaction feeling like you were able to form a true connection and leave behind a positive mark?

By making just a few tweaks to the way we speak about ourselves, we can learn how to touch souls with our stories, and to speak and inspire.

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Lisa Nichols