The Truth About The Brain, Is the Brain A Muscle

Is the Brain A Muscle
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Whether its urban myth, or a persistent metaphor, there is a common belief that the brain is a muscle. And although it makes sense as a metaphor, the reality that the science teaches us tells a different story.

Is The Human Brain A Muscle Or An Organ?

The truth is that your brain is a globular organ, a network of gray and white matter, with a cell structure far more complex than muscle. Not only is the brain not a muscle, but there are not even muscles that keep your brain in place.

Instead it floats in a body of clear fluid which acts like the suspension in your car. At any one time there is 125ml of fluid allowing your brain float around, giving it a comfortable little around ride as you go through your day!

What The Brain Is Made Out Of?

Your brain is fat! No really. At 60% fat, your brain is the fattiest organ in your body. As the center of the nervous system, it integrates all sensory data through its cells, known as neurons. And it’s through these neurons that your brain communicates with every organ in the body.

Each moment, cells carry electrical charges, impulses which carry messages through your entire nervous system. And it’s these that allow us make sense of the world, and adapt to changes in our environment.

Does The Brain Have Muscle Tissue?

There are no muscles in the actual brain or muscles to hold it into place, with one exception. The arteries and arterioles bringing blood to the brain do in fact contain muscles. These are one to two layers thick designs to regulate the brain’s blood flow. Apart from that, the brain is composed of neurons.

So “is your brain a muscle”? Scientifically, the answer is clear, your brain is not a muscle. However, let’s explore why it might be useful to use a metaphor of comparing your mind to a muscle.


Is The Mind Like A Muscle?

Lets distinguish here between the brain, the physical organ, and the mind, the cognitive ability. The brain is a flexible, ever evolving set of neurons. The mind is a learning machine, always adapting to its environment. Though the brain can’t be seen as a muscle, it’s useful to think of the mind this way.

The mind is always a work in progress. Mental stimulation and ‘exercise’ allows our mind grow stronger, faster and more efficient. It handles millions of daily tasks, from memory to attention and problem solving. Just like a muscle, ‘exercising’ it makes it makes it stronger. When it comes to neurons, you either use it or lose it.

You can develop your mind as a flexible, learning machine. This is what it means to grow your own Superbrain. To not let your mind or muscles deteriorate but to believe in your ability to be stronger and smarter. To prove to yourself you have the courage to take the next step.

Reach out and take the next step to grow your mind, you’ll be glad you did.

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