How To Tell if Someone Likes You: 30 Tips From a Dating Expert

How To Tell if Someone Likes You: 30 Tips From a Dating Expert

How to tell if someone likes you

Do you know how to tell if someone likes you? Discover the ability to sense signs of attraction instantly, romantic or not.

You may get a little giddy when it comes to infatuation — we all do. But are there ways to learn how to tell if someone likes you?

Of course, there is. It’s a far cry from “they love me, they love me not” while pulling off the petals of a flower. However, it’ll provide you with the foundation of knowing whether someone is into you or not.

This is where body language expert, Linda Clemons can help. With her guidance and expertise through Mindvalley’s Body Language for Dating & Attraction Ques, you can discover more about:

Learning these social cues will be of great use for your interpersonal relationships, be it for romantic purposes, professional purposes, and so forth. You will also be able to pick up on the vibe in a group and better understand why certain people act the way they do.

How to tell if someone likes you

What Are the Obvious Signs Someone Likes You?

If you are observant enough, you will find a lot of signs of attraction in a person who is interested in you. Can you sense when someone likes you? You’ll instantly know if you pay attention to certain signs.

Especially when it comes to body language, which usually gives away even the things you’re trying to hide, such as crushing on someone. And according to Linda, “your words are a small part, it doesn’t matter what you say. Your nonverbal language will get in the way.”

Let’s have a look at twenty of the most prominent signs someone likes you.

1. They are happy or excited around you

It is one of the surest ways how to know if someone likes you or not. If they are, then your company will certainly be pleasurable to them. They will smile a lot and will engage in conversations with you with excitement.

2. They want to hang around with you

People who like you will seldom turn down opportunities to hang out with you. And they will even try to create opportunities to be with you.

3. They will lean towards you

While in conversation, they will stand closer as much as it is appropriate with their head tilted towards you. 

You might also notice that their body language is open, and their gestures are active while speaking.

When you’re speaking with the hands and with open arms, it invites the person of your desire in.

— Linda Clemons, trainer of Mindvalley’s Body Language for Dating & Attraction Quest

4. They will mirror you

Another very interesting sign is the mirroring effect.

When a person likes you, they will subconsciously mirror your posture. The way you are standing or sitting, the manner of your hand placement on the table, and if you have any characteristic and habitual gestures.

5. They will breathe deeply

Breathing deeply around someone shows that you’re fully present and interested in the person in front of you. So whenever you talk to someone and want to know if they like you or not, pay attention to the rhythm of their breathing.

Are they agitated? Or is their breath slow and steady, giving them permission to focus?

Linda points out that when someone breathes deeply, it means they’re engaged and willing to connect to the person in front of them.

6. They will invite you everywhere

When someone really likes you, they will obviously want you around as much as possible. So they will invite you to the events they are going to, usually in their inner circle as well.

7. They give a lot of compliments

Someone who makes a lot of compliments is obviously someone who has an interest in you, romantically or not. This person might compliment the way you dress, your hair, your eyes, or anything about your behavior that they find interesting and attractive.

8. They will get a little bit jealous

Jealousy can appear in romantic relationships but also when you just have a crush. So a sign that someone likes you romantically is when they get jealous that you spend time with others or receive attention from others as much as you do from them.

9. They will try to make you laugh

Making you laugh is a purpose for someone who really likes you. They would always try to make up jokes and silly comments to make you have a great time around them.

10. Their friends act funny around you

Another way to find out someone’s feelings about you is to notice if their friends are acting weird when you two are together. Are they giggling or whispering? Or are they always trying to leave you alone with each other?

11. The secrets of eye contact

Much depends upon the number, length, and kind of eye contact when it comes to interpersonal relationships and how to know if someone likes you.

The person who likes you will look more at you and you will have more meaningful eye contact. There will be more staring and movement of the eyebrows. 

12. Nearness

People who like each other want to be close to each other. They will find reasons to be around each other as much as possible.

13. Removal of obstacles

In a bid to be closer, they will also get rid of any barriers that may come between you and them. Such as, they will remove items like purses, cups, cushions, or anything that may be there between you two.

14. Blushing and laughing

The person who secretly likes you will always laugh at your jokes, even if they are stupid. They will also be amused by your ordinary activities and expressions.

15. Secret messages in touch

There are hidden meanings even in the casual touches among us.

People who like each other tend to touch each other a lot. Linda highlights the fact that we don’t want to touch people we don’t like, right? 

That’s why someone who’s into you will deliberately create scope to touch you, such as touching the shoulder or arms while laughing at a funny joke or as a sign of appreciation for something.

16. Changes in behavior

Another very interesting thing that happens when someone likes you is that their behavior changes slightly when they are around you.

Although it might not be too prominent, you can sense it with little observation.

Pay attention to how they act when they are with you versus when they are with others. Is there any difference, like frequent preening or more stylized walking?

17. A higher degree of interest in you

People who like you want to know more about you. And this is also a secret to a long-term relationship: being persistently curious about the person you are with.

You will definitely notice their interest in various ways. Such as, they will ask more questions and remember all about you and what you said.

18. Part of your life

Someone who likes you will not only show a great interest in you but will also try to be part of your life as much as possible.

Meaning that they will be excited to meet your friends and the people you spent a lot of time with. Moreover, they will want to engage in the activities you also like to do.

19. Lowering their voice

Studies have shown that both men and women tend to speak in a lower tone of voice when they are attracted to someone else.

20. Responding to texts quickly

There are very few things as exciting as someone you like texting you. So if you see that you get a very fast response to your messages, that usually means a clear interest they have in you.

How to tell if someone likes you

How to Tell if Someone Likes You by the Way They Look at You

Studies suggest that consistent eye contact also shows that they are paying unfaltering attention to what you are saying. In the case of intense romantic attraction, you will definitely catch the person staring at you quite often and even from far.  

They will look at you and have direct eye contact a lot if they are open and extroverted. On the other hand, if they are shy, they might deliberately look away to avoid eye contact.

Their eyebrows will move more while being in contact with you. It may go up at first sight of you and continue subtle movements throughout the interaction.

In the Body Language for Dating & Attraction Quest, Linda talks about how our pupils dilate when we feel excited, so it’s a physiological aspect that cannot be controlled. It’s something to look for when you think someone might like you but you’re not so sure about it.

The eyes allow you to see the beauty, the integrity, and the honesty of another individual.

— Linda Clemons, trainer of Mindvalley’s Body Language for Dating & Attraction Quest

How Do You Tell if a Girl Likes You?

Generally, the psychological signs of infatuation described until now apply to both genders. But there are some gender-specific signs, too.

Here are some cues to keep in mind when you want to pay attention closely and see if a girl likes you:

21. More activity with lips and eyes 

Such as inadvertently pouting or licking lips and gazing upwards at you while the eyelids are facing downwards.

22. Putting their chin on hand while sitting and looking at you 

This shows more interest and attention.

23. Trimmed posture while being around you 

Think about a slightly raised shoulder and a slightly outward thrust of one hip.

24. Raising the sleeves to uncover the wrists

Although it is fully subconscious, it signals trust and attraction.

25. Smiling a lot when they are around you

Smiling is one of the best interpersonal skills one can master. It’s a sign of attraction with the girl showing that they want to make an impression.

Smiling is the most important and inexpensive gift that you can give someone. And it’s acceptable and recognized around the world.

— Linda Clemons, trainer of Mindvalley’s Body Language for Dating & Attraction Quest

How Do You Tell if a Guy Likes You?

Here are some subtle signs that a guy likes you:

26. Give an eyebrow flash

This is a powerful gesture guys make when they show interest in someone they are attracted to.

27. Adjusting their clothes

Things like unbuttoning the top of their shirt, readjusting their ties, or adjusting their shirt sleeves are some body language cues that a guy wants to show up as more masculine in an interaction.

28. Look at you, then look back, then look again

This means a playful gesture that guys would do to catch someone’s interest and make them feel special.

29. Crotch display

According to Linda, a man would sit with his legs apart when subconsciously he feels more present and interested.

30. Stroking hair

Stroking their hair when they are around you may signal interest and show off their charm.

Whether you are male or female and want to share your interest more with the person you like consciously, you can check out these dating tips based on the body language expertise of Linda Clemons herself.

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