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Work How To Stop Working For The Weekend

How To Stop Working For The Weekend


Companies will stop demanding their people to solely engage in their vision and instead will also be engaged in their employees’ vision for themselves.

The Future of Work

I was sitting with Bill Jensen, the author of Work 2.0 when he shared an insight that, in just a few words, changed the way I perceived the world of work.

I asked Bill this question: 

“What do you see as the future trends that will permeate workplaces everywhere?”

Bill’s answer completely blew me away.

He told me:

“Well, Vishen, I think it’s this…. Companies will stop demanding their people to solely engage in the company vision and instead companies will also be engaged in their employees’ vision for themselves.”

It was an incredibly powerful insight.

But I felt a statement like that, as powerful as it may be, would be difficult for people to fully conceptualize.

So I asked him to give me an example of exactly what he meant.

As we walked through the corridors of the Mindvalley office, Bill pointed to a particular board of our walls. See the picture below.

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Mindvalley employee vision board

This was our team’s ‘vision board’ where all our team members posted up their visions for their life (through the 3 Most Important Questions exercise).

“What you have on this board,” Bill continued, “are your team members’ biggest life goals. Other team members can look at that and collaborate to make those visions come true. You’re helping your team achieve their life vision. Do more of this.”

The Next Course of Action

I took Bill’s advice to heart.

And we tossed rocket fuel on this idea.

Today, in our Mindvalley HQ, we have a coaching room and two full-time coaches to help people overcome any kind of mental blocks stopping them from achieving their personal vision for their lives and themselves.

We even send every new employee on a 4-day retreat to the mountain to create a 100-page book called a Lifebook, which helps them get clear about their future vision for how they want to live and who they want to become.

And we also invite their spouses to join as well for free.

We continue to do this because we’re beginning to understand that the future workplace has to be a two-way deal.

Companies are no longer expected to just ask people to be engaged with the company vision.

Companies now have to show engagement in their employee’s vision.

I believe this is the future of work.

And if you can do this in your own workplace, what you’re going to find is that every measure of performance skyrockets exponentially.

Mindvalley employee Lifebook Retreat

How You Can Apply This Powerful New Concept

You don’t have to be a founder or a CEO of a company to practice this.

You can simply start with the 3 Most Important Questions exercise which I popularized and made available on the internet.

And if you would like to see ideas like these put into practice in your workplace, our team would love to help you.

Help jump-start and ultimately achieve the visions of your company and your coworkers all at once by joining Mindvalley for Business and build connections that extend far beyond the boardroom.

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Written by
Vishen Lakhiani