Ben Fizell
Ben Fizell
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Ben is a meditation and mindfulness teacher, "stillness coach" and founder of the Peacekeeper Project, a community dedicated to impacting humanity by helping people quiet their mind and live from the heart. Ben believes stillness and sensitivity are superpowers available to anyone. You can connect with him Here.

How To Open Up Your Heart When You Love Someone

When you love someone, you don’t usually think too much about what’s actually happening. You’re just enjoying the state of love. And so you should. Understanding what’s happening when you love someone isn’t necessary to love them. However, it does…

How To Use Three Types Of Love To Open Your Heart

Love. More than just a nice idea or concept, love is a tangible experience that transforms our state of mind to one of greater peace, clarity, and care – naturally connecting us with humanity and nature. To some, love is…