10 Secrets Behind The Psychology Of Winning By Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley has studied champions for years and discovered the secret behind the success of super performers like Elon Musk and Michael Phelps. He realized that it’s not just talent, hard work, and or luck that makes a super performer — it’s the mindset that determines whether they succeed or fail.

Here’s an infographic with 10 quotes from Denis Waitley about the psychology of winning.

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Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley is perhaps the greatest coach America has ever produced.

Not only has he trained Apollo astronauts at NASA, winning US Olympians, and business titans at major US corporations, he’s also worked with returning American Prisoners of War (POWs) to literally crack the code on how anyone can stretch their potential and win from within — even in the harshest conditions.

He’s the mind behind the best selling personal growth course in human history, The Psychology Of Winning, which now has over $100 million in sales and 2 million students enrolled. Denis is now calling on you personally to join us on this unique Mindvalley Quest for 90 transformational days and discover how to exceed your own potential and win big.

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