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Habits What It’s Like To Be A Mindvalley U Student

What It’s Like To Be A Mindvalley U Student

What would happen if — for one month — you changed your life completely?

If you moved to another country, mingled with extraordinary people, learned from the best, and permanently transformed your life?

Back in September 2016, Vishen Lakhiani decided he wanted to spend a month every year living in a new city. He wanted to expose his kids to different cultures to encourage their learning and growth through immersive experience — but he knew he needed a tribe.

So Vishen had a vision of bringing together a group of like-minded individuals to work, play, create, and support each other, all while enjoying a beautiful new city to call home for a month. The community was born, and Mindvalley U was officially kicked-off.

The first location was Barcelona. Over 300 people enrolled within 3 months of Vishen releasing his viral video on how he wanted Mindvalley U to shift the paradigm of education (watch the video here). There was so much hype that legendary speakers and world class educators like Neale Donald Walsch, Wim Hof, Lisa Nichols, and Tony Gonzales came down to collaborate on the project.

For a month, individuals, couples, families, and friends moved to Barcelona to be part of a university reimagined for the future.

Mindvalley U student and LA Filmmaker Skip Kelly explains his reason for leaving the US for the first time to come to Barcelona:

I love my life. My life is incredible, and because it’s incredible, I want to progress my skills. I sort of feel responsible to become better and better over time… This is all about challenging my life, challenging myself, and making sure that I’m not too accustomed to where I live and what I do. So here I am in Barcelona, attending Mindvalley U.

And he decided to document his life-changing experience at Mindvalley U in six short episodes. So if you’ve curious to learn what it’s like to be a Mindvalley U student or what happens when you radically change your life, take a look.

1. Welcome To Barcelona

Why restrict college to a singular campus for 4 years? We know there are so many amazing cities to explore on this gorgeous planet, which is why Mindvalley U moves to a different world-class city every year. Our destination for 2018: Tallinn, Estonia. In this first episode, LA filmmaker Skip Kelly shares what it feels like to arrive in Gaudi’s city (it’s magnificent).

2. Adventure In Barcelona

Buenos dias from Barcelona. In this video, Skip wakes up to a gorgeous sunrise and explores Barcelona before Mindvalley U. He shows the famous La Sagrada Familia.

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3. A New Model Of College

One of the best aspects of Mindvalley U is that there’s so much that you can do. There’s a lot choose from all the time — co-working spaces, transformational learnings, long-lasting friendships, scenic rides through the city, premium events, and crazy adventures. Watch this video to hear from students why they decided to come and what they loved the most about Mindvalley U.

4. The Second Week Of Mindvalley U.

One of the things we do well here at Mindvalley is bringing together extraordinary individuals — and Mindvalley U is designed to expand your social connections like no other experience on Earth. If you’re wondering what kind of people you’ll meet, check out this video.

5. Advice From Alan Watts

This beautiful cinematic video with a voiceover by Alan Watts will inspire you to keep growing and challenging yourself.

6. Transformational Stories At Mindvalley U

These stories of transformation were not produced not by Mindvalley, but by Mindvalley U’s own students who passionately believe in sharing this message. The growth and transformation was remarkable. And everyone said it was the people that made Mindvalley U so special and unique. Check out this video to see for yourself.

Why would you like to attend Mindvalley U?

Share in the comments below.

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