Vykintas Glodenis, AI & No-Code Expert

Vykintas Glodenis

Mindvalley trainer and AI & No-Code Expert

Vykintas Glodenis, AI & No-Code Expert

Vykintas Glodenis is a two-time TEDx speaker, the ex-founder of OptiMe, and currently serves as the Chief AI Transformation Officer at Mindvalley. He has overseen the successful deployment of hundreds of automated processes and applications, with a total user base of 400,000 worldwide.


Vykintas is a full stack no-code developer, Mindvalley's Chief AI Transformation Officer, and trainer of Mindvalley's Applied AI Mastery premium program.

He specializes in automating workflows, integrating AI, building internal and customer-facing (web, PWA, native) applications, and AI bots.

He is also an expert in AirTable, Make.com, Adalo, Glide, FlutterFlow, Apify, Browse.ai, and Flowise.

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