Maye Musk, international best-selling author, dietitian, supermodel, and speaker

Maye Musk

Mindvalley trainer, world-renowned model, dietician, entrepreneur, and best-selling author

Maye Musk, international best-selling author, dietitian, supermodel, and speaker

Maye Musk is an international best-selling author, dietitian, supermodel, and speaker with over 50 years of success spanning entrepreneurship and nutrition. At 69, she became the world’s oldest Covergirl and is now a Dior Beauty ambassador at 75.

Her career includes significant roles such as the first Representative of the Consulting Dietitians of Southern Africa, President of the Consulting Dietitians of Canada, and Chair of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the USA.

Maye has built a nutrition empire across eight cities in three countries, sharing her insights on stages worldwide on topics like aging, equality, and wellness. She continues to inspire globally and now brings her expertise to a wider audience through her first-ever Mindvalley program.


Maye is the recipient of numerous health and wellness awards, including Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, Novus United Nations Global Goals Award, Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award, and Ontario Dietetic Association’s Peer Recognition Award.

As a dietitian who promotes good health, Maye is an active participant with the non-profit Big Green, which supports USA schools, families, and communities to grow their own vegetables and fruit through training, grants, and garden bed donations.

Maye’s model awards include The Daily Front Row Breakthrough Model award, The Fashion Group International Inc. Fashion Oracle award, the Look! Woman of the Year award, and the Canadian Arts and Fashion Outstanding Achievement award.

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