From Single Mom With $12 In Her Bank Account To CEO With Global Fame

From Single Mom With $12 In Her Bank Account To CEO With Global Fame

I was at rock bottom. I was broke, and I was broken… And I was tired of having potential. I wanted to have my now.

How do you survive when you’re living in one of the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles? Every day this was Lisa Nichols reality. She was searching for ways she could help herself and change her family’s circumstances.

She was a single mother of a baby whose father was in prison. Her only support was social assistance and things were looking grim. But now she is a successful author and one of the most admired motivational speakers.

Today Lisa Nichols speaks to thousands of people around the world, and she always asks: Are you willing to reinvent who you are? To let all the fear fall away and become who you were always meant to be?

The life story of Lisa Nichols is inspiring. She radically turned her life around when she was “broke and broken.”

About The Video

Twenty years ago, Lisa Nichols was single-handedly raising her baby son with less than $12 in her bank account. But when she could no longer afford to buy him Pampers, she promised him that she wouldn’t settle for a life of scarcity.

Her appearance on The Steve Harvey Show became aviral video, with over 40 million views and counting… And for good reason.

She shares the powerful story of how she went from being “broke and broken” to becoming the most-requested teacher from The Secret.

Lisa is now one of two African-American women to bring her company, Motivating the Masses, public — touching over 30 million lives with her message of transformation and inspiration.

In this inspiring video, she asks: “Are you willing to reinvent who you are? Are you willing to kill away the procrastination? Are you willing to kill away the excuses?”

Who is Lisa Nichols?

Lisa Nichols went from rags to riches and the struggles she experienced as a single mother serves as a story of hope.

Today she helps people find fulfillment in their lives by sharing the challenges she faced as a woman living on social assistance. With her courageous spirit, Nichols encourages people to balance their careers, while seeking happiness in their personal lives.

Through effective communication classes, Nichols is empowering people all over the globe. She is the CEO of Motivating the Masses, which is one of the top training and development companies in the world.

Along with being a successful entrepreneur, Nichols is a best-selling author of No Matter What!: 9 Steps To Living the Life You Love and is a world-famous transformational speaker.

Nichols appeared in The Secret and along with her appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, she has appeared on Extra, Larry King Live, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Did Lisa’s story inspire or motivate you to become your best self?

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