What Are Guardian Angels & How to Connect With Them

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Highlights: Guardian angels protect and assist us in living the highest outcomes in life. Here's what you should know about those spirit guides.

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What Are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are the essential protectors of all forms of life.

They are assigned a specific mission to give protection and help to a particular being and come with us at the time of birth.

We were all born with at least one guardian angel, sometimes two. However, depending on how we live our lives, we can attract up to six guardian angels. Those who live a life of virtue get extra protection.

Guardian angels come to us if we ever need a real protector and can help us tremendously. However, guardian angels don’t always stay with us for every moment of our life; they are only there as needed.

Basically, guardian angels help in three ways: 

  • They give us protection if there is a danger or some kind of very upsetting circumstance; 
  • They help us live a better life; If we ever need assistance with our goals and our dreams, our guardian angel will help us with that. 
  • Guardian angels help if we are feeling very low and unhappy.

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Who Has a Guardian Angel?

At the time of birth, everyone comes through with a particular guardian angel. But not everyone walking on this planet, at the present time, has one.

The reason is if you lead a life of kindness, generosity, and love, you will attract many angels who wish to help you and assist you. They will be there for you for the rest of your life.

However, if you lead a life of harm, selfishness, greed, and do destructive things to others, your guardian angel might stop being with you. 

The angel will not help people who lead that kind of life.

Thankfully, most people on this planet have guardian angels; the ones who don’t are among the very minor few.

How Can a Guardian Angel Help You?

Guardian angels give you three types of assistance: 

1. Protection 

Protection not just from physical dangers but also from emotional harm and psychic attack. Your angels will intervene and prevent something from happening if it is not in your karmic agreement

All of us have certain karmas that we come into this planet with and sometimes, they will happen. When something will happen that’s not in our karmic blueprint, the angel will protect us and will stop it from happening.

2. Align with our highest outcomes

Guardian angels are not just protectors, but they’re also assistors and guides. They can definitely guide you to certain outcomes.

So, you may not have even known that it has happened, but probably in your life your guardian angel has at least once or twice made you go to a particular place. Similarly, they will have made you do a certain thing, that was part of your mission for this lifetime.

Guardian angels are not always with us 24/7, as we don’t always need their help. But basically, there will be at least three or four times in your life when your guardian angel will make sure you get the correct outcome.

3. Assistance when we are vulnerable

The final thing your angel will do is to protect us when we’re in a very bad state of mind.

If you’re feeling extraordinarily depressed or anxious or you’re having some kind of really bad crisis in your life and it’s hard to cope, your angel will come through and will carry you through that time.

Guardian angels, as well as protecting us, will also heal us from certain things that we do not need to go through.

How to Connect With Your Guardian Angel?

If you really want to connect with your guardian angel, here is a very simple process you can use.

  1. Sit down in a comfortable fashion.
  2. Breathe deeply. Breathe all the way down to the base of your spine and feel your whole body filling with energy.
  3. Visualize in front of you a beautiful golden light. Imagine this golden light is your guardian angel’s presence.
  4. Imagine you open your heart completely, imagine your heart is like a beautiful flower – an angelic flower. The flower completely opens and blooms, feel that deeply.
  5. Ask your guardian angel, “Do you have a message for me?

Just relax and wait, and after a few moments, some kind of thought or feeling, or image will come to your mind. That’s your guardian angel connecting with you.

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My Experience With Guardian Angels

I first came into contact with angels in 2011. I started seeing the numbers 11:11 and 1:11 all the time. 

At first, I thought I was having some kind of mental health crisis, not knowing why my reality seemed to have somehow shifted. When I read that these are ‘“angel numbers,’” it all made sense, and I have felt deeply connected to the angelic realm ever since.

It wasn’t until I learned to channel and speak with my angels on a regular basis that they started to really impact me in my life. I have not had any instances where my life was in danger and I needed to call upon an angel, but they have helped me on a number of occasions.

The most concrete way they helped me was when I was in India in 2018. It was after attending a spiritual retreat and at the airport, I did not realize I needed a copy of my ticket to be let through the gates. Everyone else in the group went through the gates, past the guard, but I only had an email copy of my ticket, and my internet wasn’t loading.

I started panicking, thinking I would miss my flight and be stranded in a foreign country with almost no money left and no one to help me. Somehow, even though I had no internet on my phone, the email with my ticket miraculously loaded and I was saved from a frightening situation. 

That was the most physical example of my angel’s help. It was a small miracle, but one I was very grateful for! I later confirmed that my angel did that for me.

In recent years, my guardian angel has helped me many times, but in less significant ways. Sometimes at night, before bed, I get a certain kind of anxiety and fear that comes over me for no reason. It is very, very, uncomfortable and, at times, sometimes becomes unbearable, leaving me in a state of despair.

At these times, I call upon my guardian angel, and every single time the feeling eases. Often, I feel held on all sides and sometimes a soft voice speaks inside my heart, which I know is my angel. “Don’t worry. You will fall asleep soon. Tomorrow will be better.” 

My angels show up for me every time I need them.

The Perfect Companion

Guardian angels fill many roles other than the traditional idea of them just being our protectors. If you need the help of a guardian angel, they will definitely show up for you. Whether you are having some kind of crisis, heading in the wrong direction, or something else, your angel will be there to help.

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Stephan Davies

Stephan Davies

Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. Stephan also runs a blog that covers all matters spiritual. His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.
Written by

Stephan Davies

Stephan Davies is a channel of angels and divine beings. He runs the website The Divine Connection and regularly channels for clients from all over the world. Stephan also runs a blog that covers all matters spiritual. His passion is bringing through messages from above that uplift, bless, and empower others.

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