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3 Big Questions to Discover the Potential of Your Business Idea
Social entrepreneurship visionary Miki Agrawal takes you deep into how to build a $100 million brand, creatively disrupt entire industries, and turn your company into a force for good.

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Miki Agrawal - Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur
Miki Agrawal

Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur

Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is a high-impact, highly unorthodox social entrepreneur known for building game-changing, multi-million-dollar businesses through creativity and disruptive innovation.

She is the founder of the period-proof underwear company THINX, the alternative pizza company WILD, and TUSHY, a revolutionary bidet company that’s changing the way Americans use the toilet, all with a collective valuation of $200+ million.

Miki’s business and philanthropic ventures have transformed tens of millions of lives, and earned her an endless list of accolades for entrepreneurship, leadership, and creativity, including from Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Time Magazine, and the World Economic Forum.

She is also a bestselling author, a former professional soccer player, and a magnetic stage speaker with glowing endorsements from many of today’s leading business visionaries, including Bill Clinton, Mark Hyman, and Wholefoods founder John Macker.

Through her debut Mindvalley program, Miki’s goal is to uplift entrepreneurs of all levels with the realization that, with the right steps and guidance, anyone can envision a revolutionary idea that grows into a transformational brand and business.

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