The Art of Manifesting

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The 80/20 Trap
Tap into your infinite power to create your ideal reality from a place of ease and flow. Fulfill your soul's true desires and achieve success by designing a life you're madly in love with, and become a master at manifesting.

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International Speaker, Manifestation Coach, Entrepreneur
Regan Hillyer

International Speaker, Manifestation Coach, Entrepreneur

Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is an internationally renowned manifestation and mindset coach, often regarded as today’s leading expert in her field.

A serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and international speaker, her signature approach to dream achievement is acclaimed by her long list of clients and students: which includes multi-millionaires, business leaders, and millions of people worldwide.

In addition to her highly effective teaching methods, what sets Regan apart from other mindset teachers is how she’s applied her skills to her own life.

At age 18, she quit her architecture degree to pursue a path of personal development. By the age of 23, she had made her first million. And today, she has built multiple seven-figure companies, each one a testament to the skills she has dedicated her life to perfecting.

The Art of Manifesting is her first program with Mindvalley: and in it she lays out the entirety of her best tools, techniques, and inner shifts that anyone can adopt to rapidly realize their goals and dreams.

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