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Be happy even after with the iconic post-relationship methodology by relationship therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas - and discover how to release grief and open your heart to love again.

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Katherine Woodward Thomas - Renowned Relationships Therapist
Katherine Woodward Thomas

Renowned Relationships Therapist

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Katherine Woodward Thomas is a NY Times Best-selling author, licensed therapist, and teacher to thousands across the world.

When Katherine was in her early forties, she attracted and married a wonderful man named Mark. Together, they had their first child when Katherine was 43. But after ten wonderful years of marriage, Katherine and her husband found themselves wanting to part ways. They looked at their lives and wondered whether they still needed to be married and if marriage was holding them back.

Katherine had been through painful, excruciating breakups in her past relationships that took years of recovery. After one breakup, she lost half the hair on her head and stopped eating for a year. Both she and Mark were also determined not to put their daughter through the pain of a hostile divorce situation like they’d experienced in their childhoods. So they made the decision to consciously uncouple and align on a shared intention to love and raise their daughter as loving co-parents.

It was through this experience that Katherine created Conscious Uncoupling. After seeing how well it worked in her own life, Katherine wrote her NY Times best-seller by the same name to help others end their relationships with honor, grace, and healing.

Conscious Uncoupling has since become an international process of healing and love, even helping Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s Chris Martin amicably end their marriage.

Vishen Lakhiani and Kristina Mand-Lakhiani also used this process to respectfully part ways, while remaining friends and co-parents. Now, it’s Katherine’s mission to guide others through her 5-step process to get over a breakup, make your heart whole, and move forward in happiness.

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