America’s #1 Sought After MBA Professor Shares 3 Steps To Find Your Inner Peace, Even In The Toughest Of Times

America’s #1 Sought After MBA Professor Shares 3 Steps To Find Your Inner Peace, Even In The Toughest Of Times

Life is full of hardships and downfalls and learning how to get through the angst and maintain your inner peace can be challenging for everyone.

Dr. Srikumar Rao, renowned TED speaker and highly sought after MBA lecturer, was recently interviewed by host Jason Campbell on Superhumans At Work, Mindvalley’s popular podcast that teaches you how to rewrite the rules of high performance at work.

In the episode, they go deep into accepting life’s circumstances regardless of how challenging they might seem. Our hardships may never disappear and there is always something that you simply cannot control; yet, it is possible to get through it with unshakable resilience and inner peace.

Dr. Srikumar Rao teaches that all suffering comes from resistance to what IS and that you must become ruthless with your mental chatter to overcome and prosper.

Once you understand how to master your thoughts, you can step forward into the world with a sense of knowing that everything’s going to be okay. With this empowering thought, you can do something incredible with your life.

So instead of drowning in negative thoughts and powerless feelings, learn how to control your mental chatter with these three steps to get through any situation that life throws your way.

1. Ruthlessly Monitor Your Mental Chatter

Today we are bombarded with information fed to us by the mass media that only amplifies the negativity on both individual and global levels. Most people think it’s important to be informed but there is a difference between information and panic, which typically evolves from mental chatter. Dr. Rao says your mental chatter is fake news and we can only stay informed in a balanced way by filtering what’s false and keeping calm.

Today’s modern world is infused with superpower technology and gadgets that enable us to have instant access to information at all times. But instead of utilizing these tools in healthy ways, we do the opposite, and staying informed at such a constant speed can be highly disruptive and impact our mental health.

While we may find ourselves feeding into the negativity vortex of endless forecasts in a looping economy, there is still an even more dangerous news source that streams fake news 24/7 – your mind.

Dr. Rao says your mental chatter creates the most negative scenarios that typically will not materialize for the vast majority of people. Instead of investing all your attention to what you hear on television, read in newspapers or hear from your friends and neighbors, try anchoring yourself in stability. 

He strongly recommends to ruthlessly monitor your mental chatter and direct it toward a more positive outcome.

Focus on one task at hand and pay all your attention to what you’re doing at that moment. When you refocus your thoughts and emotions, you’ll find that even unpleasant tasks become possible.  

2. Accept Reality As It Is

Dr. Rao says,“The Strongest illusion we have is that we have control”, but in reality we don’t have control and never will. Think about it. We don’t even have control of our own breathing. Maybe you can scratch your nose when it itches, but you can’t control it when it itches, and sometimes you can’t even control the desire to scratch it. Here’s a more trivial example:

One of Dr. Rao’s students broke her entire arm and had a cast from her shoulder to her wrist. When she wanted to scratch her nose, she realized she couldn’t even do such a simple thing. 

When we understand this simple yet profound idea that we don’t have control over things, we stop taking life for granted, including even the most basic things like running water or food.

While many of us may live in developed worlds where food and water are the bedrock of civilization, there are developing countries where people are scrambling for such luxuries. Not only should we feel fortunate for what we have, we also need to stop resisting what happens to us and recognize it as it is. 

Things happen to us all the time. People lose their jobs, their finances are depleted, and life seems like it just can’t get any worse. But you’re not the only person experiencing this and there are always people in worse shape.

Stop wasting your time agonizing about it and fighting it and instead accept and embrace reality as it is. You’ll instantly feel a weight lifted off your shoulders if you surrender to acceptance and redirect your reality. 

3. Focus On How You Can Serve Others

“Don’t be driven by fear. Don’t be driven by planning. Instead, anchor yourself in the thought ‘who am I?’”

– Dr. Srikumar Rao

It all starts from within. If you anchor yourself in stability, you’ll start radiating from within, and those vibrant waves of radiation will help other people anchor themselves. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Who do I want to be? 
  • How can I be of service to a greater community in this time of tremendous need? 

And that’s where you plant your stick in the ground and fiercely hold onto it. 

When you do this,  you’ll feel better and calmer and will instantly project those vibes to others. 

If we can all follow these three steps, we’ll find that the negativity surrounding the global pandemic may fade away. We’ll be more focused on helping others rather than helping ourselves. Remember, we are all connected and collectively we can make a huge difference on a global scale.

Please share in the comments what you will do today to help us get through this unprecedented time with greater resilience and inner peace.

(This article was based on a podcast episode of Superhumans At Work podcast with Dr. Srikumar Rao, written by Irina Yugay.)

Written by
Irina Yugay