How To Make The Shift From External Motivation To Unlimited Motivation

How To Make The Shift From External Motivation To Unlimited Motivation

How many times a day do you feel like you are lacking motivation?

Quite often right?

Or, you are super excited about something and all of a sudden all your excitement turns into procrastination and self-doubt? 

It happens to all of us!

Nonetheless, there are solutions to fix it.

Join me on this journey as we explore certain things you can do that will lead you away from external motivation, and towards constant motivation – and even more self-confidence, instead. 

But before we dig into it, let’s first explore the definition of “external motivation”.

What Is External Motivation?

This form of motivation – among experts also called extrinsic motivation – is not the only form of motivation. In fact, there are 7 types of motivation you should be acknowledging.

However, the basic definition of external motivation is more than sufficient for our purposes here and is the type of motivation that is based on experiences.

Like receiving money, getting acknowledgment for your efforts, and so on.

types of motivation

Motivation is a funny thing – everybody tries to keep it high in order to succeed, yet most are stuck only dealing with the external motivation to achieve this success.

This happens because external motivation is an endless loop. You need to motivate yourself again and again, just like you need to take a daily shower in order to stay feeling fresh.

To stay in this loop is not only exhausting, but it also leads almost every time into frustration.

When I observe some motivators at work, I often see that they are using external motivation concepts to motivate their clients into becoming a superstar, a millionaire or another person with such a high profile.

The result is quite consistent and clear. The motivation of the client increases exponentially but ends after a few days and the client no longer has the motivation to push further — or, in the worst case, even becomes depressed.

It’s like trying to motivate ducks to become eagles, but in the end, they are just motivated ducks and not eagles, and at the very worst might even become depressed ducks.

What is missing here is the consideration that in order to build all the skills required and to become fully aligned with your higher purpose – to live and enjoy a high profile life – you’ll also need some motivation that is not of external origin.

What Is Holding You Back?

Then there are those people who seem to be motivated all the time. Nothing seems to hold them back and they just continually walk in the direction they want to go to achieve their goals.

How is that possible?

On the other hand, there are people who repeatedly, and suddenly start to lose track. They’ll even start to sabotage themselves and wind up losing all motivation.

What is happening there?

Keep on reading, you are on the way to attaining valuable information that will help you to make a huge breakthrough in your life.

It’s a typical pattern I see with my clients and students over and over again: they try to satisfy their self-esteem, their image, or their daily experience with actions that are driven solely by external motivation.

It’s not what you think

Truth is, they are focusing on the wrong parameters, and comparing themselves with their environment. Consequently, they are not getting any closer to finding themselves, quite the contrary, they’re losing more than finding…

The origin of this is a limiting mindset. This mindset is a result of behavioral patterns and these behavior patterns are controlled by our imprints.

external motivation

Where imprints are experiences that you had as a newborn child up to the age of seven or eight and that have established themselves as survival strategies in your brainstem.

They have the highest authority to influence your actions and reactions regardless of if you have worked on your mindset or not. 

When new clients come to me asking for my expertise, they often tell me that they have already attended a lot of seminars or worked with coaches on behavioral strategies and other techniques to change their mindset. 

And nevertheless, it really appears to them like a mystery that they still react in the way they do when it comes to the situations they’re working on. 

I absolutely understand their confusion and the first thing I do is explain to them an important detail of what is happening in their brain.

I show them that the mindset is formed mainly in the frontal cortex and the basic imprints are stored in the brainstem. The brainstem has the authority to switch off the frontal cortex with a hormone and overtakes the behavior in that specific situation.

After this explanation, they immediately understand the problem. That is, the imprints have the authority to overwrite the mindset.

Thus, it is not your lack of external motivation that holds you back. It is this chain-reaction starting with imprints and ending in unwanted actions and reactions.

That is what truly holds you back.

The 3 Steps To Unlimited Motivation

We needn’t worry though, for there is hope.

With these 3 simple steps, you can effortlessly move out of the endless cycle of external motivation, and into a new direction of unlimited motivation.

Step 1: Recode the imprints

The first step you have to walk through is to recode the imprints in your brainstem.

The method I use to re-code the imprints is one that I’ve developed twenty years ago and that I’ve constantly refined over the years, working with thousands of clients.

I call it the “self-transformation code”.

Basically, it’s about finding both the unwanted behavior and the imprint behind it, and then implementing the missing experience to neutralize the obstructive imprint.

Thus, you regain control of your actions and are no longer helplessly exposed to the imprint.

In situations where you have in the past always responded in a way you did not want to, it allows you to now freely decide how you’ll react and to finally be able to react in a way you want.

Step 2: Untangle your life map

The second step is to untangle your life-map.

This process uncovers the energetic unfoldings of the family system and dissolves the negative connections and inhibiting factors that lead to ever-returning, unwanted behavioral patterns. 

Usually, you are not aware of these entanglements. This makes it so difficult for you to perceive them.

life map

From the moment you have freed yourself from these entanglements, you won’t ever need to think about the new course of action again. Through direct intervention, the entanglement dissolves and transforms into a powerful and successful pattern of action. 

The good thing is, it persists sustainably.

These two steps will set you free and enable you to manifest your genius.

Step 3: Manifest your genius

The third step then is to manifest your genius.

When you arrive at the third step, you have already done a great job. You have freed yourself from your imprints and released from the hindering entanglements of your family system. 

This is the moment in which you can perceive your inner voice as undistorted and clear. 

Through this clarity, you’ll begin to effortlessly understand what your personal genius is and you begin to manifest it.

Your personal genius can be professional or private and can have local, regional, national or even global impact.

The Power Of Unlimited Motivation

At this stage, you will perceive and experience your life in a different way. You will lead your life and achieve your goals.

If you have deeply cleared your imprints, then there are no longer such things as limitations. You have gained access to your true higher-purpose, and you will be in control. 

Your imprints won’t take over anymore, your intention will.

For many people, it will look as if you now have unlimited motivation. The truth is, however, that you simply won’t require such “motivation” any longer.

You’ll be walking on the path of your higher purpose. The energy that constantly releases from this state is boundless and fulfilling at the same time.

Giving up your external motivation and taking the path to manifest your genius, connects you to unlimited power and fuels your creative contribution to this planet and to yourself. Thus impacting the world, your environment, and your purpose.

Can you think of a time in your life when you achieved something using only external motivation as your fuel? How did it feel when you accomplished this or was it perhaps accompanied by a still empty feeling? Share your stories with us in the comments below!