Susan Nassuna
Susan Nassuna
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Susan J. Nassuna is a Ugandan-Dutch writer and experienced trainer in the fields of writing for wellness, meditation, and stress management. She lives in the Netherlands. You can connect with her here .

Different Types Of Love & The Number One Key To Happy Relationships

We go to great lengths in search for what we believe is the antidote to our feelings of pain, loneliness, and disillusionment──love from others. Yet the alarming levels of acrimonious relationships and divorce today, indicate that many of us are…

7 Powerful Coping Strategies For Stress

The overloaded demands of our modern lifestyles have left many of us living on the edge, trying to balance demanding work schedules, competing for opportunities, worrying about money, and raising our children all within a very combative world. No wonder…

3 Research-Backed Practices For How To Help Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stressful situations and acts as our body’s alarm system to warn us of possible danger ahead. But when the alarm system malfunctions and triggers a chronic and excessive fight-or-flight response, taking a toll on…