Madiha Bee
Madiha Bee
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Wordsmith and Content Writer at Mindvalley. Ordained Shamanic Minister, Yogi, Poet, and Dreamscape Visionary with a past life in academia and government. Passionate about consciousness, healing, community, connection, and creativity.

5 Ways The Mindvalley University Kids And Teens Program Prepares The Youth For The Future

For most of our lives, we sat in classrooms to be told the rules of engagement for life. Not to question and experience, but to mechanically replicate the systems of the past. What to believe, who to be, and how…

7 Ways To Become A Better Public Speaker By Speaking Academy Founder, Eric Edmeades

You have brilliant ideas and a powerful story to share, but you’re still not acing the stage and sharing them confidently with the world? Mindvalley’s got your back and we’ve gathered 7 powerful speaking hacks from one of the world’s…