Laura Eberstadt
Laura Eberstadt
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Laura dedicated her entire life to her career as a dancer. At some point, she forgot the purpose behind daily practice, tears, and sweat. When she started to rediscover herself she explored other media next to movement to share her insights with the world. Soon thoughts turned into a vision and this vision is called unified awareness. We are not born to blindly accept, we are born to question. Laura uses the art of writing to build a platform for a critical exchange between people who share visions.

Go With The Yoga Flow And Stay Tuned In

Waking up can be the hardest part of the day. Your alarm is ringing right next to you and you would love nothing more than to take your phone and throw it against the wall. But then there are times…

Unconditional Love Is The Magical Key To Abundance

All of us are seeking unconditional love and attention from others. Both in the way we present ourselves in real life and on social media. But still, this is only one symptom of our lack of approval, our lack of…

How To Be More Patient To Fight A World Epidemic

I’m living in one of the most visited places in Bali.  This paradise of vegan food, sunshine, beach, and ocean is called Canggu – a blossoming area on the south coast of the island. Canggu doesn’t only get you into…