The Mysterious Ways Your Well-Crafted Goals Become Reality

In this video, I talk about how my friend, serial entrepreneur Jon Butcher tackled the pre-set model of success and created one of the most extraordinary personal growth programs I’ve ever gone through to help people create a unique life for themselves.

When we were children, the world seemed like a magical place. Full of wishes, dreams, and possibilities. But somewhere along the way, responsibilities take over. And our time fills up with tasks, which sometimes leave us wondering, what is this all for?

So we turn to the pre-set model for success. The benchmarks that society chooses for us. The bigger house, fancier car and enough money to show of to the neighbors. Enough to show a little higher status, compared to your peers.

But there is something wrong with this picture. And we all know it deep down. This present model of success leaves us struggling for material things, often forgetting the bigger picture, like our health and the quality of our relationships.

In this video, I share how I overcame this pre-set model, to ultimately live the best version of my life. But all of this wouldn’t have been possible, without a guy I met back in 2010.

“The Guy With The Most Amazing Life”

There’s a major misconception about what living a “successful” life looks like.

What if our conception of what our life should look like is all wrong? And what if living well doesn’t have to do with working hard or buying a bigger house? Perhaps an extraordinary life is about creating a life that works for you.

Back in 2010, I heard about a guy they said was “The guy with the most amazing life”. And I was so intrigued, I couldn’t help but to book myself for his event in Chicago, called the Lifebook Seminar.

What I discovered there was astonishing. A truly well-balanced entrepreneur, with 20 companies under his belt, (one of which is the Precious Moments porcelain doll empire).

A man that would later become a friend of mine, one of the most balanced, successful and happiest people I know.

His Lifebook program gave me clarity and armed me with a vision. Goals I could finally work towards, knowing my efforts wouldn’t be wasted. Even small tasks became meaningful, knowing they all served a greater vision for my life.

That man was Jon Butcher. A man who never followed a pre-set model of success.

It’s Jon’s life philosophy that gave birth to Lifebook — one of the best personal growth programs I’ve ever attended.

Choosing Your Own Model Of Success

During the Lifebook program, I mapped out every goal, every vision and every detail I wanted to experience out of my life in all 12 areas of my being.

At the time, I had no idea how I would achieve some of my more audacious goals. But over the years, through many unexpected synchronicities and coincidences, many of these goals slowly became reality… And I reveal how it happened in this video above.

If your curious about how I created that vision for my life, and how you can do it too, click on the video above for more.

What’s your most audacious goal? Share it in a comment below.

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