When The World Around You Feels Unkind, Turn To Yoga And Be Kind Yourself

Be kind with yoga

Feeling stressed, rushed, or otherwise finding it hard to yoga to be kind? Has other people’s unkindness gotten you down?

You know that feeling when you are sharp with your kid, blow off your best friend, or realize you shouldn’t have been so nasty to the guy at the grocery store. It doesn’t feel good.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

You may feel that you have no control over what happens in the world around you. Think again. When you change yourself, your experience of the world around you changes, too. Your example becomes a force in itself.

Take a deep breath. Yes, I know you have heard that before, but please do take one right now, because you are going to learn the key to replenishing your kindness and keeping it shining to foster more kindness in the world today!

You need a fool-proof way to maintain kindness even in the face of adversity. It is easy to be kind when others are being kind to you and you feel good. But on those days that your boss yells at you, you get stuck in traffic, the news leaves you frustrated and unsettled, or your nagging back pain returns, what do you do?

Practice yoga.

Go to yoga class. Go get out your mat and practice yoga at home. Go online and practice with your favorite teacher in an online program such as Zenward.

When you practice yoga you become more kind. When you practice yoga other people’s unkindness does not bother you so much.

6 Ways Yoga Helps You To Be Kind

Be kind to yourself and to the world

1. Yoga relieves stress (so it’s easier to be kind)

There is a lot of science showing the stress reducing benefits of yoga. Yoga breathing is one aspect of yoga that helps reverse the stress response. So that deep breath you took a moment a go is a great place to start!

2. Yoga helps you feel better (so its easier to think of others)

Let’s face it, when our back hurts, our indigestion goes on a rampage, our head pounds, or we feel down or anxious, it’s harder to get out of our own pain and be kind to others. Yoga practice helps us to not only feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, it helps us get out of our bubble of misery and into the world of caring for others and the rewards that brings.

3. Yoga stimulates the part of your brain that helps you feel more connected to others

Scientific studies have shown that the part of the brain which helps us to feel connected to others and our environment is activated with a yoga practice. This connection leads naturally to kindness.

4. Yoga helps develop compassion

When you feel more connected with others and more calm yourself, your capacity for compassion grows naturally as your practice grows.

5. Yoga helps you to have perspective

As you learn in yoga to not judge yourself, it becomes easier to not judge others and see their point of view and where they are coming from.

6. Yoga teaches you to be kind (to yourself as well as others)

Non-Violence is a major tenant in yoga. My guess is that you are not a terrible violent person. But you may be hard on yourself and others. Yoga practice helps you to love yourself and be kind to yourself. When you are kind to yourself, it becomes easier to be kind to others.

So take a deep breath, strike a pose, sit and focus and feel the kindness come pouring into your heart and outward to others.

Tag your friends in the comments below so you can all be kind and happy, together.



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