3 Yoga Hacks For Less Stress And Instant Calm

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We all want less stress – right?

Wouldn’t it be great to be completely stress-free? Not so fast! Stress is actually good for us. What? You might wonder if you read this right.

Yes! We need good stress to keep healthy and grow stronger.

Bad Stress vs. Good Stress

Stress experienced repeatedly, when we feel we have no control or relief from it, is chronic stress or bad stress.  Bad stress has negative health consequences for our body, mind and emotions. Bad stress can even reduce our lifespan.

Good stress is healthy for us. It’s the feeling of being pumped before giving a talk. It’s the hyper-aware state we experience in an emergency situation.

How we react to stress can either make the stress bad or good. If we think all stress is bad, research shows that it will be bad!

Yoga teaches us how to avoid unnecessary stress. Yoga also helps us to react positively to life’s negative stressors we can’t avoid. In these ways, yoga helps us have less bad stress.

How to Have Less Stress

  • Practice Yoga – yoga helps us to avoid bad stress.
  • Meditate – scientific evidence is strong that meditation reverses the stress response.
  • Breathe Deeply – research shows the benefits of yoga breathing to reverse bad stress.
  • Eat Healthy – Junk food, processed foods and fatty meats stress our body and mind.
  • Exercise – yoga postures, running, hiking -whateverr you like best!
  • Stop the mind chatter – Try Ananda Yoga affirmations, chant, sing, or whistle.
  • Don’t stress about stress! – Thinking your stress is bad makes it bad!
  • Get enough sleep – Chronic lack of sleep stresses our body and mind.

3 Powerful Yoga Hacks for Instant Calm

  1. Back to Center Breath: Inhale deeply and slowly, keeping your shoulders down and relaxed. Pause. Exhale slowly, for twice as long as you inhale. Repeat until feeling centered.
  2. Gratitude Attitude: Sit comfortably and take a couple of relaxing breaths. With eyes open or closed think of everything you are grateful for. You can always think of something no matter how small. Once you start you will find more.
  3. Power Pose: Harvard Business school researchers discovered this one! Stand like Superwoman or Superman. Feet apart, hands on your hips, chest lifted and eyes looking straight ahead – like Superwoman. Hold this power position for 2 minutes. You will feel the difference!

Less Stress — More Yoga

Remember this – no one can take away your peace of mind. Except you. Having a regular yoga practice will help you have less stress and more calm in your life.

Which powerful hack for less stress is your favorite?



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