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Life at Mindvalley What It’s Like To Be A Black, African, Muslim Woman [Video]

What It’s Like To Be A Black, African, Muslim Woman [Video]

Have your societal labels ever made you wish you were someone else?

In this video, Olla Abbas, Events Director at Mindvalley shares an incredibly powerful story about how the world has perceived her as a black, African, Muslim woman — and how she broke free from these labels to fulfil who she truly wants to be.

About The Video

It doesn’t matter how fast, strong, or smart I get — it doesn’t change.

This is how her situation made her feel for years. But one day, she decided to turn it around and see her differences as blessings.

She shares her empowering lessons in the video above.

Have you ever felt weird or different in your environment? Share your story with us in a comment below.

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