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What If You Could Achieve Your Goals With Such Accuracy That It Seems Like Reality Is ‘Bending’ In Your Favor?

What If You Could Achieve Your Goals With Such Accuracy That It Seems Like Reality Is ‘Bending’ In Your Favor?


Vishen Lakhiani reveals how this mysterious 27-year-old red box helped him achieve some of his most outrageous goals. Watch with an open mind.

What most people don’t tell you about goal-setting…

When most people talk about goal-setting, they usually focus on the external ‘how to’s’ of achieving your goals.

Things like creating a wishlist or vision board, starting with small wins to ‘build momentum,’ and setting measurable targets to hit at a certain timeframe…

But they rarely talk about the spiritual aspect of goal-setting, and the power of going within to shift the world around you so you can accelerate towards your goals with surprising ease. Watch this video and discover how Vishen stopped worrying about the ‘how’ of his goals and instead focused his energy on what was really going on between his ears.

Want to reach your wildest goals with ease… And be able to do it over and over again?

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Highlights include:

  • The secret art of goal-setting that makes your life magical Most people spend 70% of their lives at work where it’s a relentless pursuit of goals. Imagine what a more “ripped” goal-setting framework can do to change your life.
  • Formula for blending spirit and science to accelerate your goals. Discover what Vishen discovered from his multi-decade long quest for a breakthrough in human transformation which included letting scientists observe his brainwave patterns and spending time with shamans at the Amazon rainforest.
  • The unforeseen dangers of the SMART model of goal-setting The growing pains of living in the most disruptive period in history is exacerbated by the flawed model of SMART goal-setting. Tune in for the paradigm shifts you need to escape it.
  • A new 7-part model for reaching your wildest goals and vision Discover a revolutionary new model based on ancient Chinese philosophy’s 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd rule, legendary inventor Steve Jobs’ “Living in The Expanse” theory, serial entrepreneur and space visionary Richard Branson’s hack for organized “Flow” and a few other equally mystifying things.
Written by
Irina Yugay