The Most Important Question In Life — What Do I Want?

what do I want in life?

The world of today is something of a rather interesting creature.

One filled with more people than ever before, all seemingly, and subconsciously so, engulfed by some never ending pursuit of status.

We’ve been taught, all of us, from a very young age, that it is important to establish ourselves as an individual. Yet in a rather peculiar paradox, we’ve all been fed the exact same rationale as to how exactly we should go about this endeavour.

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Think about it, have you ever honestly asked yourself, “What do I want?”

Sadly, the answer to this question is more often than not, no.

We instead find ourselves so incredibly bottled up in what we think everyone else wants us to do. Seeking approval from our parents, teachers, and peers. Fighting for some kind of status, that someone else has asserted as something we wish to achieve.

It’s no wonder the majority of people find themselves feeling so incredibly lost. Everyone out there trying to become an individual, without ever first understanding their own individuality.

And yet, within all of this, perhaps even as a byproduct of it, some radical shift in human consciousness is currently unfolding all around us.

It would resultantly appear, that the time for us to change all of this, is now.

It’s time we all start asking ourselves, honestly, “What do I want?”

Question The Origin Of Your Desires

What do I really want in life?

As we do, we must immediately ensure that we maintain an awareness of the origin of our response.

Peel back the onion, so to speak, and find the core of your answer.

Is it something you’ve conjured up from the depths of your own soul? Or is it perhaps something you’ve simply regurgitated since before you can remember?

Is the idea actually your own? And do you honestly agree with your own response?

I think we’ll often find that most of our initial answers run more akin to something which is intended to appease the generalized perspective of ‘everyone else.’

And it is here, that all this turmoil is born.

Release the idea of ‘should’

We absolutely must release this idea of what we ‘should’ be doing.

You were not gifted this life so that you could satisfy another’s standard of existence.

This life was given to you, so that you could experience the act of living.

Let Go Of Any Imposed Ideology

Question this facade of societal standards, and actively let go of any and all imposed ideologies.

Thinking for yourself is honestly the only way you’ll ever actually be able to be yourself.

Where it’s one thing to accept a predetermined conceptualization of reality, post your own inquisition of its framework. It’s another thing entirely to just blindly succumb to such an assertion.

Let go of what you’ve been told to be true, and pursue your own truth. If what you then find ends up running synonymously with what you’ve left behind, certainly, re-embrace it.

Just make sure that it is a result of your own sought after truth.

Find The Core Of Your Being

What do you really want in life?

Truth which resides within the core of your being.

Remember that onion we spoke of? Well, here, we must peel back yet another layer.

In asking “What do I want?” you must first discover who you really are.

Return to yourself, to the person who you were before anyone else told you how to live.

Which is perhaps a rather intimidating path to walk, and certainly one of an often confusing structure. It’s a path of healing, that may perhaps feel counterintuitively painful. A true dichotomy of the emotional construct which at face value may possess little to no logical rooting.

Yet, it is a path which we must embark upon, if we wish to ever truly be able to answer, “What do I want?”

In fact, Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program has already established and laid out such a path before us. One with a well defined structure, which may aid in alleviating some of this dreaded discomfort and confusion.

A path which allows you to rise above your limiting models of reality and discover your infinite potential in every area of life.

That is, a path which helps you to let go of any imposed ideologies and truly pursue the core of your being.

Ask Yourself Earnestly, What Do I Want?

The most important question in life, what do I want?

Ask yourself this as earnestly as you possibly can. Then, ask again, and again.

Interrogate each answer that you provide, intensely. Until you find yourself producing something that is derived from the very core of your own soul, free of influence from outside forces of any kind.

Figure out what you want and live your life!

Appeal to your own standards, and let go of any worries as to what others do or do not think of you.

Ask yourself this question as if no one else has ever existed outside of your own moral and logical thought process.

Embrace this self actualized awareness, and use it to move forward with your goals!

Can you remember a time that you did something against your own will and better judgement simply because it was expected of you by another? How did this make you feel? Share your stories with us in the comments below! And vow to never let this happen again.



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