What Am I Doing With My Life

What am I doing with my life

What am I doing with my life? A jab of self-criticism or a genuine point of reflection.  Either way, analyzing the path you are on and where you are headed is the stuff of the truly fulfilled and successful.

To get a clear view of what your life is about you will need the aid for the best tools for analyzing your current stats.

Life Reflection

What am I doing with my life reflection

Reflecting on your situation, the people in your life and the mental state of reality are key components in the search for the answer to “what I am I doing with my life?”

By way of example, Vishen Lakhani, founder of Mindvalley University, programme teaches you the power of life reflection.

There are two ways this reflection takes place; inwardly and outwardly.

Inward Reflection

This is the process of seeing yourself from the point of self. What hidden talents you have that nobody knows of but you? What do you truly desire inwardly and what reasoning do you have for all you do? As well as, What are you particularly proud of?

Outwards Reflection

For Instance, Outward reflection relies on the honesty of those around you and the feedback you get from them and the things in your life. What awards have you achieved? What is the most common complement you get? In what way do people rely on you?

Life Reflection Tools

What am I doing with my life tools


Jon Butcher and Demartini creator of the Demartini method leads the way when it comes to life reflection tools.

Above all, each approach has the major focus of personal reflection yet both take on different angles. One focuses on the balance and integration of values and the other the evaluation of your highest values and strengths and focuses on those.

Life Book

Jon and Missy Butcher are the creators of the LifeBook program. As such, this comprehensive program brings consciousness to each area of your life and brings all of them together to create the ultimate plan for you.

The 12 areas of life that LifeBook covers are:

  1. Health And Fitness
  2. Intellectual
  3. Emotional
  4. Character
  5. Spirituality
  6. Love Relationships
  7. Parenting
  8. Social
  9. Career
  10. Financial
  11. Quality Of Life Overall
  12. Overall Vision 

a win anywhere is a win everywhere. – Jon Butcher

Demartini Method

The Demartini Method, created by John Demartini, provides clarity on your highest values and your lowest values.

The idea is to focus on the highest values and to not to let your lowest values tie you down. So, these values reveal themselves through you surrounding environment, the thoughts you constantly have and the things are most excited to talk about.

The areas of life that the Demartini Method focuses on are:

  1. Spiritual mission;
  2. Mental genius/creativity
  3. Vocational success, achievement, service
  4. Financial freedom/independence
  5. Family love and intimacy and continuance of procreation
  6. Social influence and leadership
  7. Physical health, stamina, strength, and well-being.

lastly, both methods are set up in a group environment where you are taken step by step through your life and the one you would like to be living.

Once you have found the answer to “What am I doing with my life?” then only can you move to the next level of your desired existence.

Have you done any of these programs yourself? Know any other programs that could be useful. Leave a comment below.



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