The Mysterious Ways Your Well-Crafted Goals Become Reality

There’s a major misconception about what living a “successful” life looks like.

In this video, I talk about how my friend, serial entrepreneur Jon Butcher tackled this pre-set model of success and created one of the most extraordinary personal growth programs I’ve ever gone through to help people create a unique life for themselves.

Choosing Your Own Model Of Success

What if our conception of what our life should look like is all wrong? And what if living well doesn’t have to do with working hard or buying a bigger house? Perhaps an extraordinary life is about creating a life that works for you.

In 2010, I met a man described by many as “the guy with the most amazing life.”

It was while attending a Lifebook seminar in Chicago, a seminar that this incredible man created.

I’m referring to Jon Butcher — an extraordinary entrepreneur with 20 companies under his belt (one of which is the Precious Moments porcelain doll empire), and a man who happens to be one of the most balanced, successful and happiest people I know.

He never followed the pre-set model of success.

It’s Jon’s life philosophy that gave birth to Lifebook — one of the best personal growth programs I’ve ever attended.

During the Lifebook program, I mapped out every goal, every vision and every detail I wanted to experience out of my life in all 12 areas of my being.

At the time, I had no idea how I would achieve some of my more audacious goals. But over the years, through many unexpected synchronicities and coincidences, many of these goals slowly became reality… I reveal how it happened in this video above.

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What’s your most audacious goal? Share it in a comment below.

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the Founder and CEO of Mindvalley; the transformational education company which brings the world's best teachers and authors together to revolutionize education worldwide.

He leads a team of 250 people from 49 countries building personal growth programs with cutting-edge learning technology and real-world events across the globe.

Vishen is an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and a former board member of the XPrize Foundation. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller and #1 book on Amazon, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

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