3 Things You Need To Know About The Voice Of Intuition

3 Things You Need To Know About The Voice Of Intuition

“This is the Voice of the Mysterons”…..

Anyone my age will probably recognize this line from Captain Scarlet, the 1960s marionette-based science-fiction TV series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The same genius supermarionation creators of StingrayThunderbirds and Joe 90 — plus so many more delights.

Okay, so putting aside my deep devotion and admiration for this genre, let’s go back to those mysterious Mysterons.

The thrill of hearing that very message from the Martians, just before calamity and mayhem struck for Captain Scarlet, was pivotal in the storytelling. This message brought a sense of doom, danger, warning, villainy and nefarious undertakings. It also gave a sizzle of anticipation, excitement and exhilaration.

And it gave us insight into the plot and what was going to happen.

In many ways, people expect to “hear” their voice of intuition like we heard this message from the Martians.

They think that if they can’t hear their own version of the Mysterons voice, echoing down from the higher realms to give us earthlings some much needed divine guidance, then they’re either doing something wrong or they aren’t bestowed with that gift of intuition.

Both of those assumptions are entirely wrong. We operate under the mistaken belief that our “voice” of intuition should sound or communicate with us a certain way

So lets clear this muddle up so we can get on with using our super power to live happily-ever-after.

1. Everyone Has Intuition

I know we can all believe this to some degree, right? We can all remember the time we just “knew” who was on the other end of the phone. Or maybe you had a feeling that it was going to rain and you picked up that umbrella despite high-blue skies.

What about the muse you might not even know exists — the one that gave you a light-bulb moment while you were in the midst of a crisis or problem. That muse seems to magically deliver the information or ideas that you need to just “wing it” at exactly the right moment.

These are just some of the ways you can recognize that intuition has been in your life since the beginning.

This means that you were born with intuition, so you can leave that doubt about being worthy or it not working in the proverbial rubbish bin and walk on by.

the voice of intution

2. So What Does This Intuition Sound Like?

There are so many articles written about the topic of intuition but not nearly enough about what it sounds like — and that’s where the crux of the block or confusion lies.

We have so many thoughts and emotions around in our heads and we tell ourselves things all the time…

So how on earth are we supposed to discern what’s Guidance versus Babble?

One way that really helped me was to imagine how my Higher-Self would act if I stood face-to-face with her. You can exchange my term for God, the Universe, Source — whatever word feels comfortable.

For me, this energy is always calm, peaceful, nurturing, supportive, loving, kind, gentle, benevolent. It’s all these things and so much more.

I have imagined this energy many times… And it always feels like I’m staring into the sun, right up close, feeling vibrating waves of love roll through me.

This energy is so powerful that you’ll feel every pore of your body dance wide open to receive the grace of its intention.

Any guidance from above feels this way.

Energy from your Higher-Self can’t be dramatic, erratic or extreme.

In other words, if you sense or feel anything that runs with the high emotions of panic, fear, excitement or anxiety — that is not your intuition, that is your human reaction and ego.

When guidance comes through, it is soft but steady, neutral but loving, gentle but firm.

You can recognize this inner voice from your reaction:

  • If you actively ignore this voice, you’ll feel a weight.
  • If you listen and act with the knowledge this voice bestows on you, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and peace.
what is intuition really

3. How Do I Know What It Says?

While the universe is complicated from the scientific perspective, it’s not complicated in what it needs to say. Ever.

Because as much as we think life is complicated, from the bigger perspective it isn’t.

Guidance will come as a prompt, nudge or push in a certain direction. Sometimes it will simply come as an unassuming “no.”

Our intuition will not guide us with a precise military-esque blow-by-blow dictation.

Nor will it counter with opinions, alternative suggestions or indulge with scenarios.

Your intuition will offer advice in a benign and mellow tone, always. If you’re in danger, your inner voice will warn you to “look left,” “move” or “run.” And when you need to answer a question about a career change, your inner voice might respond “wait,” “yes” or “choose what you love.”

Even when your intuition says nothing, it’s not “broken.”

If anything, that gentle silence will answer your question — if you listen. Sometimes that silence indicates with its hush that the question you seek is not relevant to you in your life right now at all.

everyone has voice of intuition

Final Thoughts

In short, what you want to really focus on is how, not if, your Intuition presents its communication to you.

What’s the best way to answer this question? Find out how you relate to the world.

By the time you made it to pre-school, you probably figured out what kind of learner you are, though you maybe didn’t have the vocabulary to explain it back then.

Just like our learning capabilities, we already know which intuitive styles are our strong suit. We’ve just never had guidance, so we might not be able to put our finger on it.

But recognizing your intuition is simple.

When you go back to all those times your inner voice “spoke up,” and when you think about the words you use to describe special events, that’s your style of intuition.

Did you just “know,” “feel,” “hear” or “see” the answer, solution, prod or decision that was best for you?

By understanding your congnizance, you start a two-way conversation instead of just waiting for the response to drop into your lap.

Unlike the super cool Mysterons and their predictive messaging, our world is much more dynamic. We have to look out for how we operate best in this world.

But from there, all it takes is a little intuition muscle training.

Written by
Irina Yugay