Lisa Nichols On How To Turn Your Fear Into Fuel

I stopped by for you to no longer make fear your enemy, but make fear your fuel.

— Lisa Nichols

In this 40-minute talk from Mindvalley A-Fest Greece 2016, transformational speaker and self-made millionaire, Lisa Nichols, explains how to Turn Your Fear Into Fuel and design your own inspiring story.

About The Video

Do you fear failure? Do you fear your own aspirations, your own dreams because someone once told you that you were reaching too high?

Then you should definitely watch this video.

Transformational speaker Lisa Nichols stopped by Mindvalley A-Fest Greece last year to remind us that fear is like any other emotion — one that you can take control of and use to become the best version of yourself.

Lisa shares how she turned her fear into fuel to overcome poverty and become a self-made millionaire.

But this is more than just a lecture.

At 31:26 she invites the live audience on the floor to repeat a series of mantras to evict the fear from their lives and regain confidence in living their fullest dreams.

By the end of this talk, you’ll be saying “Yes, Yes!” to taking that wild leap to your amazing future.

Which fear will you turn into your fuel after watching this talk?

Share it with the tribe in the comments below.

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