Award-Winning Photographer Shares His Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley

by Mindvalley June 17, 2018
Art Director and photographer Paulius Staniunas, better known under his pseudonym All Is Amazing, shares his personal picks from his three years of capturing MIndvalley :)

Mindvalley’s art director by day, and star photographer by night – Paulius Staniunas, has been designing for and capturing Mindvalley for the past three years, and has photographed around the world including in New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The young Lithuanian was also recently voted Best Party Photographer by Malaysia’s leading street culture magazine, JUICE, and has been featured on multiple covers and magazine spreads in the country for his incredible portfolio of Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife, live shows, and art events.

Paulius Staniunas Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley
Paulius has photographed over 100 events and parties, including Mindvalley’s Awesomeness Fest. (Photo by Simon Chin)

You may have seen Paulius’ stunning portraits and priceless shots on our Awesomeness Fest albums as well as Culture Day celebrations, and he is perhaps the photographer behind everyone’s Facebook profile picture in Mindvalley 🙂

Having taken thousands of photographs for our company, we decided to ask Paulius for Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley personal picks – his own favourite moments from his time observing Mindvalley through his lens. Check them out below.

Discover Paulius’s portfolio at

Kadi Oja - By Paulius Staniunas
Kadi Oja, Director of Publishing (2013) – “Kadi is so easy to photograph – her beauty really stands out on camera. We used this image for the launch of our mobile app, Omvana, it instantly became an icon for the brand.”


Khailee Ng - By Paulius Staniunas
Khailee Ng, Entrepreneur and Managing Partner for 500 Startups, and Chin Xin-Ci, Entrepreneur; at the Great Gatsby party during Awesomeness Fest Phuket 2014 – “Khailee is a prominent personality in Asia. Working at Mindvalley lets me capture these personalities outside their offices, when they’re in their truest element, celebrating and experiencing joy.” This is definitely one of our top 10 photos of mindvalley.


Mindvalley International - By Paulius Staniunas
Malaysia Day at Mindvalley (2014) – “The beauty about working at Mindvalley to me is the diversity. This image captures the vibrancy of the team very well. It still amazes me that I work with almost 40 different nationalities daily.”


Paulius Staniunas Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley
Joyce Wong, Entrepreneur and Blogger at the Great Gatsby party during Awesomeness Fest Phuket (2014) – “My favorite part about photography is being able to capture that priceless fraction of a second and emotion that can never be repeated, that the eye normally misses or overlooks.”


Paulius Staniunas Best Photos of Mindvalley
Malaysians on Mindvalley’s Malaysia Day (2013) – “This is my all-time favorite shot from my portfolio of Malaysian portraits.”


Paulius Staniunas Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley
The Mindvalley HQ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2012) – “This was taken when we just launched the office space where the current Hall of Awesomeness is located (this is the entrance). This photograph is probably the most shared and recognizable image of the Mindvalley office today.”


Paul's Favorite Photos of Mindvalley
Designers Rames Harikrishnasamy and Wong Chee Ling on Mindvalley’s India Day (2014) – “My comrades at the office. There is never a sad day when these two are around.”


Paul's Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley
Tania Safuan, Publicist and Branding Lead – “I’ve sat next to Tania for the past two years. She’s probably the most photographed person in the office. There is never a bad photo of her.” She is also in several of the top 10 photos of Mindvalley.


Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley
USA Day (2014) at Mindvalley – “Culture Days at Mindvalley are always fun. We dedicate the entire day to a national culture and co-workers from that country introduce us to their traditions, their music, their food. This is my favorite shot from all the Culture Days that I’ve photographed. Neither of them are American but they’re dedicated to the celebration.”


Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley
Vishen Lakhiani at the Mindvalley Hall of Awesomeness (2012) – “I’ve photographed Vishen for three years now, but this is my favorite by far. This was taken at our current Hall of Awesomeness back when it was still being built. We ended up never using this photograph, but this perfectly captures how I know and see him everyday – as a visionary who’s constantly “building” his dreams.”

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