To The Class Of 2021, Here Are 5 Ways To Prepare For Life After Graduation

To The Class Of 2021, Here Are 5 Ways To Prepare For Life After Graduation


General advice if you don’t know what to do after graduation: 1) Don’t stress. 2) Join these 5 Mindvalley Masterclasses that’ll help guide the way.

Dear Graduating Class of 2021,

This is a major milestone in your life. You deserve to be proud of your accomplishments and how far you’ve come. Congratulations, kid. You did it.

And with this triumph, oh, imagine the places you’ll go, the people you’ll meet, the journeys you’ll experience, and the lessons you’ll learn… We are cheering you on all the way.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just know that you’re not alone. Graduation brings up so many emotions at one time — you’re proud and excited, but also feeling anxiety and doubt about what the future holds. You’ve just been handed a piece of paper that says where you’ve been, but where are you going exactly? You think to yourself, “now what?

Now what, indeed.

Graduate walking during pandemic

You Should Already Have Your Life Mapped Out

This assumption is quite common. Now that you’ve graduated, you’re supposed to know so many things:

  • What your passion is or how to get your dream job (or what it is, even)
  • How to earn a decent wage to afford some sort of lifestyle while trying to pay rent and pay off your student debt
  • How to keep up with the latest tech trends that are constantly disrupting work and careers

On top of that, there’s been a sense of wariness in recent years about the work readiness of new graduates. Just 5% of Americans say high school grads are well-prepared for success in the workplace. And just 13% say the same about college grads.

More and more employers have recognized that merely having a degree isn’t a guarantee for an entry-level position. According to Parker Dewey, a platform that connects graduates to companies, the demand for soft skills is rising. These skills include attention to detail, communication, reliability, empathy, flexibility, integrity, organization, problem-solving, resilience, and self-starter.

The truth is, many of us didn’t know any of these things after we graduated, let alone how to navigate through the emotions that come along with independence.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s no shame in not knowing, and there are ways to learn all the skills that school failed to teach you for life after graduation.

Here Are 5 Ways To Prepare You For Life After Graduation

Mindvalley is a great way to learn life skills that traditional education didn’t prepare you for. From communication skills to money management to self-mastery, you’ll learn from experts who have gone through these experiences themselves.

Founded by Vishen Lakhiani, a 2x bestselling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and The Buddha and the Badass, Mindvalley is more than just about human transformation.

It is a community because it’s not always fun to do things alone. You can share your experiences and meet new people who’re going through similar journeys as you.

Ahead are five ways to build your best life after graduation that you weren’t taught in school. So, if you’re looking for a meaningful way to find clarity in your life or if you want to be a better you, Mindvalley’s free Masterclasses might be the perfect thing for you.

Graduate blowing confetti

#1: Your Voice Is A Gift. How Are You Going To Use It?

Your voice is as unique as your DNA and fingerprint.

Lisa Nichols

Think back to the commencement speaker at your graduation. If you didn’t have one or have yet to walk the stage, choose any of the famous ones that have spoken at past ceremonies. What do they all have in common?

That’s right, all these graduation speakers had the ability to be articulate.

How do your skills compare? Do you ramble on or do you talk smoothly? But speaking well is just one valuable communication trait to have. Your voice is another.

In one study, more than 300 participants were asked to rate certain personality traits, such as trustworthiness, dominance, and attractiveness. The catch? It was based solely on the word “hello.” The results showed a high agreement for the personality traits upon hearing “hello.” What does this mean? People are judging you by your voice, whether they realize it or not.

The Power Of Speech

Mindvalley’s Speak and Inspire Masterclass can show how to use your voice. And with the help of Lisa Nichols, one of the top speaking coaches in the world, you will learn how to:

  • Become unforgettable every time you speak
  • Rally people behind your mission
  • Make the perfect first impression
  • Connect with people as a master communicator

So, whether it’s in the workplace or in your life, effective communication helps you connect with people, influence decisions, and motivate change. And in this age of quarantine, where video calls are the preferred method of meeting, being vocally savvy is an asset.

#2: Intelligent People Make Emotional Mistakes And Lose Money. How Can You Smarter Choices?

Worrying about money is an addiction that keeps you from focusing on what else is going on in your life.”

Ken Honda

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of freedom after graduation. It’s euphoria. You finally have the chance to be independent and are now in charge of your finances. Unfortunately, realization sets in that it’s not as amazing as it seems.

The reality is many graduates aren’t taught basic financial skills. A survey by Everfi showed that 65% of the over 30,000 students surveyed didn’t take a single course before graduation that would prepare them for their future financial responsibilities.

But it’s never too late to start. Who better to turn to on the subject of finances than Japan’s most influential money master, Ken Honda.

Ken is especially savvy on money EQ, having written 58 books to date on the subject. According to Ken, money EQ is more important than money IQ. Your financial wellbeing is correlated with your feelings towards money and your perception of it.

If you have a disempowering belief and perception of money, it could be the reason for your financial rut. This not only has a negative effect on your bank account, but it also affects your mental health with mindsets like scarcity, stinginess, and financial anxiety.

The Power Of EQ

Now, this Money EQ Masterclass focuses less on practical action-based steps (like paying off your credit card) but is oriented around the concept of healing your money wounds. With Ken guiding you, you’ll discover how to:

  • Pinpoint the seven money beliefs that could be holding you back
  • Identify three surprising things that contribute to the success of self-made millionaires
  • Find the right balance between money EQ and money IQ
  • Heal the ‘Money Monster’ mentality
  • Adopt ‘abundance on demand’ mindset
  • Shift your outlook on wealth
  • Determine your money EQ
  • Use Ken’s secret technique to transform your relationship with money

Even though it’s a delicate subject to discuss, money matters heavily influence our lives. Many of us spend our entire lives worrying and obsessing about money. But once you grasp the concept of money EQ, you’ll be able to rid of deep-seated negative beliefs and open yourself to a life of free-flowing wealth and prosperity.

#3: If Knowledge Is Power, Then Learning Is Your Superpower

Knowledge is power. You hear it all the time. But knowledge is not power. It’s only potential power. It only becomes power when we apply it and use it.

Jim Kwik

Raise your hand: how many of you used Mindy Kaling’s iconic line from The Office as your graduation quote? You know, the one from the episode ‘Nepotism’ where Mindy’s character, Kelly Kapoor returns to Dunder Mifflin from completing a minority executive training program at Yale University, and she says the now-classic line:

You guys, I’m like, really smart now.”

That, we have no doubts. But did you know that your brain has the ability to be stronger and sharper? You can use certain techniques to actively and permanently improve your memory.

The unfortunate thing is there are so many misconceptions about the brain. It’s mind-boggling (pun intended). Here are a few myths about the human brain:

  • We only use 10% of our brain
  • It’s all downhill after 40 (or 50 or 60 or…)
  • Men and women learn differently

The brain is notoriously complicated and science is still trying to understand the complexity of it. 

The Power Of The Brain

The fortunate thing is you can train your brain and transform the way you think, learn, and live. You can learn powerful hacks to unleash your superbrain in this Superbrain Masterclass with Jim Kwik. He is the foremost expert in memory improvement and brain performance. And in this incredibly beneficial program, you will discover:

  • The big lie we were told about our brains
  • One skill that will instantly give you the competitive edge
  • How to clear your ‘mental fog’ with 10 delicious brain foods
  • The perfect morning routine to prime your brain for optimum performance
  • An unconventional 5-minute brain exercise to activate the untapped areas of your brain
  • A powerful memorization technique

The world is rapidly advancing with newer and newer technology being developed. Learning all this information quickly and remembering it can be daunting, but this free Mindvalley Masterclass will help you unlock your superbrain so you can learn faster, retain more, and forget less.

#4: How Do You Install New Software Into Your Brain? It’s Called Reading

A reader lives a thousand lives before they die. Someone who doesn’t read lives only one.”

Jim Kwik

With your now-enhanced superbrain, it’s time to tune in to your speed-reading superpowers.

Okay, we get it. It’s graduation. And the last thing you’re probably thinking of doing is reading, especially since you probably just finished cramming for your finals. But books aren’t the only thing we read. Text messages, emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram captions, TikTok videos, Netflix subtitles… what don’t we read?

The average person reads at a pace of 200 to 400 words per minute (wpm). But Jim Kwik (yes, the same Jim Kwik from the Superbrain Masterclass) is no average person. He can read at an incredible rate of 1,300 wpm. 

We can hear you shout, “Holy Limitless, Batman! That’s what we call Kwik reading.”(We’d be kind of disappointed if you didn’t, to be honest.)

But here’s the thing you might not know about Jim: he wasn’t always a fast reader. In fact, when he was 5 years old, he suffered a head trauma that slowed his ability to learn. He was having a hard time focusing and struggled to understand things the way everyone else did.

Things started to turn around for him in college when he decided to do something about his learning difficulties. However, all the courses he found were about what to learn, not how to learn. This led him to self-study concepts like meta-learning or learning how to learn, and it eventually activated his superbrain. He was absorbing information and understanding it.

His School for Superheroes helps people cultivate their innate superpowers, one of which is speed reading. Why is speed reading necessary though? According to Jim, the benefits of reading faster include building discipline, using more brainpower, improving your memory, saving time, and being more productive, to name a few.

The Power Of Reading

You can experience Jim’s techniques in this Speed Reading Masterclass, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Boost your reading speed
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Retain information as you read
  • Undo the bad reading habit that slows down your ability to absorb knowledge

Now, you don’t have to be born with this superpower. You can train your brain to be this amazing. A 2009 study by Georgetown University Medical Center discovered the brain cells in the left side of the brain that processes words. According to the study’s senior author, Dr. Maximilian Riesenhuber, we were not born with “little dictionaries in our heads.” Our brain collects words, memorizes them, and processes their meaning. These words are turned into things we know, like books, phones, people, and even emotions, and these turn into the stories, messages, concepts, etc. that we see.

So, read on, you bibliophile. Activate your super reading powers.

#5: Personal Development? No, It’s About Personal Disruption

There’s nothing more captivating than a person vibrant with life and passion and pursuing their calling.”

Vishen Lakhiani

Oh, what it’s like to be a member of the Class of 2021 and listening to all the moving graduation speeches speckled with humor, pathos, wisdom, and humility. They impart lofty adages, like “follow your passion” or “do what you love” — incredible and inspirational messages that light up feelings of excitement, relief, nostalgia, hope, and anticipation for life after graduation. 

But what these speeches lack is the ‘how’ — how do you follow your passion? Or how do you do what you love? (And we haven’t even touched on the subject of “what is your passion?” and “what are the things you love to do?”)

In this day and age, being smart isn’t enough to guarantee success. Neither is the belief of success comes from working hard. And neither is setting conforming life goals that meet society’s standards but doesn’t excite your soul.

These obsolete ideas have been ingrained in us from early on, but the problem with that is you tend to lose yourself to the grind. You end up associating success with struggle. You end up abandoning goals and falling back into old habits. And that, more often than not, leads to burnout and midlife crises.

The Power Of The Extraordinary

What if there was a better, more sustainable way to live without struggling to chase success and happiness? Well, there is.

Mindvalley’s Be Extraordinary Masterclass with Vishen Lakhiani is designed to help you break away from mediocrity, accelerate your personal growth, and open the floodgates of opportunities.

The aim of this program is to create true visionaries who are not bound by other people’s rules, but instead are fixing, improving, and growing themselves and the world.

Along with finding which level of consciousness you’re at, here are a few things you will discover how to:

  • Intuitively make the right choices
  • Create the outcomes and opportunities that will elevate you to your fullest potential
  • Recalibrate your thought patterns
  • Use a transformational ‘mind hack’ to rise above challenges
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Hack your happiness and master your emotions

Vishen will also share his life experiences with personal growth and how choosing to consciously upgrade his life has made a huge impact on his success and happiness.

Now, the thought of being extraordinary can seem like a lot to take in, but choosing that path doesn’t mean you have to move mountains instantly. Take one step at a time. Small changes in your beliefs and habits can have a powerful, long-lasting impact on your happiness and satisfaction in life.

If You Take Away Anything From This Article, Let It Be This

You’re going to get a lot of advice moving forward, but if we can give you one pointer, it would be this: don’t buy into society’s definition of who you should be or what your life should look like.

Happiness and success come in many forms, and it’s unique to everyone. It doesn’t mean having a big house or fancy corner office. It’s not about how much money you make, the kind of car you drive, or the names you can drop.

It’s about designing a life that resonates with your soul and having the courage and authenticity to live it.

So, congratulations again on your graduation, and welcome to the world. We can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.

Written by
Tatiana Azman