3 Steps To Change The World And Have Fun With It

3 Steps To Change The World And Have Fun With It


How meditation practice can help you not only change the world but have a ball while you’re doing it.

While many of us may hope to transcend mortality in this lifetime, at the moment it’s a 100% death rate. Since we all gonna die, let’s have fun and change the world. Here’s how: 

#1: Turn Within: Meditation

Black lady visualizing in a meditation at a park

We’re all just walking each other home.

— Ram Dass

Emily Fletcher, the founder of Ziva Meditation, has taught over fifteen thousand people how to meditate on their own and how to use these tools to get better at life.

For Emily, getting good at life means tapping into your intuition to get crystal clear on what nature put you on this planet for so that every day feels like an opportunity to share your gifts with the world. This idea seems utopian for the many who live their lives from a place of need.

She says, “We are like this bag of need looking to be fulfilled. But we can shift from looking to be fulfilled to being a fulfillment looking for a need.”

As the saying goes, you should leave every room you’ve been to better than it was. And we can do the same with our planet.

First, you want to turn within and find the happiness you’re looking for outside. Emily explains that people want to be around happy people — hang out with happy people, work with happy people, and sleep with happy people.

She has a hypothesis that we all look for God (collective consciousness) through one another. This is why we are so drawn to people connected to Source. But the truth is that we all have direct access to Source, that is creativity itself.

The reason why we cannot access it easily is that we are using only our left brain which limits and isolates us. This ego-self makes us feel separate, and thus, separates us from others. And then, we emulate this energy.

Emily compares the right brain with the router that connects us to Source.

Meditation practice allows you to utilize this router — if you meditate twice a day, you’re strengthening your connection with the divine. You no longer feel separate from others because you see yourself inside of others. Essentially, when we fall in love with someone else, we fall in love with the divinity inside ourselves.

This is what it means to turn within.

On top of that, meditation can help you get better at life in so many ways:

  • become more efficient and productive 
  • reduce stress
  • improve our relationships
  • have better sex

#2: Write Down Your Eulogy

a woman wearing black and holding flowers

Imagine for a moment that you’re listening to your own eulogy at your funeral — what would you love to hear?

Write down all the things that you’d like to accomplish to make this world a better place. What do you want people to say about you? How would you like to make people feel? It doesn’t matter what your dream is. What matters more is that you are clear about it.

#3: Become A Joyful Activist

We all know these admirable people who stand for causes worldwide — Emily calls them angry activists. They are crystal clear on their mission and what problems in the world they want to solve. But sometimes they get so attached to the cause that they make themselves suffer.

Emily says, “They criticize everyone around for not trying as hard as they are, and end up feeling exhausted. In their pursuit to alleviate other people’s misery, they become miserable themselves.

If you look at it from the pure energetic standpoint, if your goal is to reduce stress but you end up being stressed, then you aren’t helping it but adding more stress to the equation.  It’s called team stress. As opposed to team stress, there’s team bliss.

But would you rather join Team Stress or Team Bliss?

On the opposite side of this spectrum are love and lighters. These are people who don’t want to deal with any politics or the harsh realities of the world, so they send love and light to humanity instead of taking any tangible actions to change it. If the world is going to hell, so be it.

These are two extremes that you want to avoid.

The Joyful Activist Archetype

a joyful woman

If these two extremes could meet in the middle, they would get a Joyful Activist.

Emily explains that bliss isn’t the same as happiness. Happiness is a state that includes the entire spectrum of emotions and feelings.

  • It’s a deeper knowing that everything is working out for you and others.
  • It’s a state of trust that Nature knows better even when you cannot see a bigger picture.

You can be in bliss and feel sad or angry. Often people protect their hearts by putting limits on how much they allow themselves to feel the emotions.

She says, “Some people choose to be in the middle — they don’t want to be extremely happy because they don’t want to feel extremely devastated. But Joyful Activists use this anger to move them towards action.” 

She shares a framework that helps you get specific on how Nature can use you to change the world.

Ask Yourself These Three Questions

1. What’s The Most Pressing Need Of The Time?

It might be unique for you – follow your personal understanding. What’s the most urgent problem on the planet right now? You can write a few.

2. Which Of My Gifts Best Serves That Need?

Whatever gifts you have, make a list of them. Circle the one that can serve the most urgent need. Don’t fall into false humility. You can brag.

3. Which Of These Gifts Would I Love To Use Right Now?

You don’t have to wait for the right moment to use your gifts. What can you do today to make a change?

Ready to tap into your bliss field to allow Nature to use you? Go ahead, and do your meditation. 

Written by
Irina Yugay