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This Is How We Develop Anxiety…And Here’s What To Do About It | Marisa Peer

This Is How We Develop Anxiety…And Here’s What To Do About It | Marisa Peer


Britain’s No. 1 Therapist studied human psychology and behavior for over 30 years…and this is what she found out. Read on for the one key action-based step to stop anxiety in its tracks.

“Don’t Be Such A Worry Whale!”

Anxiety goes way beyond sweaty palms and logical concern around impending disaster–and its solution is far less obvious than taking a deep breath and ‘snapping out of it’.

But despite the seemingly mysterious origins of increasingly compromised mental health, leading hypnotherapist Marisa Peer claims that human emotion isn’t as complicated as you may think.

“You are WIRED to think and act in certain ways which are often counterproductive,” says Marisa. “But once you’re aware of how the human mind works it all gets quite simple in terms of turning it all around.

Why Do We Worry?

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According to Psychology Today, the main reason we worry is due to our awareness of our inherent lack of control. And somewhere deep down in our primal psyches lies the belief that if we worry hard enough…nothing bad will happen.

50 Shades of Crazy, right?


Think about it from your brain’s perspective. The primary threat to our survival nowadays doesn’t tend to be a sabretooth tiger lurking in your office block RIGHT NOW (which would totally warrant that surge of adrenaline that’s associated with anxiety). Rather, what tends to compromise our wellbeing and safety is what could happen in the near or distant future.

How your grandma will fare in the pandemic. Being late for work. Hearing the words ‘we need to talk’ from your spouse. Getting on the scales on a Sunday. The possibility of plans being changed or canceled. Go ahead and add your own.

So your brain responds by doing what it does best: preparing for said events so they don’t take you by surprise if they do end up manifesting.

The Dreaded Element Of Surprise

You see, we humans don’t like surprises.

Whoever tries to tell you otherwise is in denial. Your lizard brain just isn’t built for them…and it’ll be royally displeased at your surprise party, no matter how good the cake is.

Surprises = Uncertainty.
Uncertainty = Potential Chaos.

So don’t hate on your anxiety; it’s only trying to protect you.

That said, we must admit that sometimes (okay, the vast majority of the time) it’s TOTALLY over-the-top. Odds are, your kid’s school trip to the zoo isn’t going to lead to your child being bludgeoned by baboons–and your partner probably won’t leave you for an imaginary younger woman at his local bar sporting bigger…prospects than you.

So if you’re getting the hunch that your anxiety probably isn’t doing you any good, here’s some golden advice from the most successful hypnotherapist of our time, Marisa Peer.

How To Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks: Give Yourself Certainty

Uncompromised Life

As we’ve established already, it’s the lack of certainty, that bitter taste of the unknown, that leads to stress and worry.

And although we can’t always find stability out there, we can always find some of that sweet certainty from the inside.

‘Your reality is comprised of just two things’, claims Marisa, ‘…the words you say to yourself and the pictures in your mind.’

And that’s where your sense of certainty (or lack thereof) comes from. Your MIND. And the best news? It doesn’t give a damn whether what you say is true or a big fat lie. This, of course, can work against us, but it can also work in our favor.

Tweak The Words You Say To Yourself

If your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings control your actions and your actions control your events…why not start by changing those limiting thoughts? As opposed to preparing for your impending doom, why not start by telling yourself that everything is going to be A-OK?

We understand that it can be tough when you’re new to all this, like you’re kidding yourself and playing make-believe.

‘But you may as well tell yourself a better story, even if it feels consciously untrue at first. Because your brain itself genuinely doesn’t know the difference…it’s just waiting for instruction’, says Marisa.

Marisa Peer is a Master when it comes to empowering neurolinguistic programming. Founder of the ‘I Am Enough’ Movement, Marisa has helped boost the self-esteem of thousands of people all around the globe with just three little words. She’s the biggest advocate for positive self-talk we know, which is exactly why we went ahead and created her FREE Mindvalley Masterclass to show you the sheer power of the words you say to yourself and how they shape your world.

Marisa’s Series Of Unfortunate Events

So take her experience of lockdown, for instance. After what she thought would be a quick visit to her hometown in London, COVID-19 had other plans and kept her from her happy family home in the U.S.A. And that happy family home? It ended up FLOODING, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. She’s still stuck in London as we write this blog.

How, you ask, can one talk oneself out of a storm of such unprecedented shortcomings?

Here’s what Marisa said:

“It honestly doesn’t bother me much now. I told myself, ‘Hey, I get to have a brand new house, and everything is going to be just fine.’ I asked myself ‘What am I grateful for right now?’ and ‘Ooh, I have all this extra time in quarantine. Wow, I’ve been hoping for some me-time for ages…so what shall I do with it? Actually, this is really great!”

You get the picture.

Be Your Own Life Coach

So it all boils down to reframing the situations we find ourselves in and becoming our own burley personal trainers, encouraging cheerleaders and best friends all at once.

By creating certainty within your psyche that you’re okay, no matter what, that there’s always light in the darkness, you’ll genuinely be free from anxiety. Believe it with all your heart, and just watch and see what happens next.

Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy is totally game-changing, powerful stuff, so come prepared to dive into the deep end of your psyche. See you there.

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