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The Mindvalley Podcast Presents Esther Perel On Finding The Sweet Spot Between Love And Desire

The Sweet Spot Between Love And Desire

The Sweet Spot Between Love And Desire: Discover why so many couples feel like their love has lost its spark and learn how you can balance the paradox of love and desire in
your romantic relationship.

Can we want what we already have? This episode features the incredible Esther Perel, a best-selling author and psychotherapist who has gone to speak and consult for Fortune 500 companies on questioning core beliefs about marriage, love, and sex. This talk, delivered to our tribe, was recorded on Mindvalley’s stage at A-Fest Ibiza 2017 and tackles one of the biggest struggles that couples face in today’s modern romantic relationships.

Listen in to learn why so many couples feel like their love has “lost its spark” as Esther covers the following:

  • The paradoxical experience of security in tandem with a sense of adventure
  • The modern definition of “Intimacy”
  • A brief history of how intimate relationships have evolved
  • The answers to the question “I’m most drawn to my partner when…”
  • The most common mistakes modern couples make
  • How do you rekindle the flames of a romantic relationship
  • What does it take to have a successful and long-term relationship

To learn more about Esther, we highly recommend the following books to get you started:

Visit her official website, Esther Perel, to get your very own Intimacy Inventory and start building a love relationship that suits you.

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Vishen Lakhiani

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