The Big Life: Uncensored Training To Your Dream Life In Just 60 Minutes A Week


April 2014 – Mindvalley launches The Big Life: an uncensored chat show featuring the hottest names in personal growth with host and copy master Carl Harvey on how to create your extraordinary life of abundance, freedom, passion and purpose.

“My biggest burning desire is to live every day with total abundance, purpose and unlimited success,” says Carl, the UK-born copywriter and Creative Visualization instructor. “I’ve spent over $100k and 8 years studying personal growth, and as a result have created a big life beyond my wildest expectations.”

But all you need is 60 minutes a week to get cutting-edge training from the hottest minds in Personal Power for free. Join Carl and these A-List special guests including legends like Dr Joe Vitale, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf, Vishen Lakhiani and Christie Marie Sheldon.

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