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Kids, Teens & Parenting How To Master The Art Of Conscious Parenting And Have Better Connection With Your Children

How To Master The Art Of Conscious Parenting And Have Better Connection With Your Children

In this talk at Mindvalley University, Shefali Tsabary bravely questions the conventional rules and motives of parenting and introduces a radically new way of raising children, consciously.

About The Video

Dr. Shefali Tsabary is one of the greatest experts in modern parenting today. She has been busting parenting myths on Oprah’s couch several times and her books shattered all beliefs about children we’ve been carrying through generations.

Infusing the wisdom of Eastern philosophy into her PhD studies in clinical science, she had found a profoundly different way to look at parent-child relationships.

  • Is parenting really a selfless act?
  • How does our inner child talk to our kids?
  • Do children really want happiness?

These are some of the questions she opens up in her talk as she drops the unexpected truth at the audience. In her words:

Children are your eternal, ever unsolvable question — And you do not like that because you had them to solve your question within.

Listen to her bold wisdom in the video above to hear her thoughts about raising conscious little individuals.

What was your biggest AHA moment from Shefali’s words? Share it with us in a comment below!

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