How To Explain God To A 7-Year Old

What is God?

You’ll find a different answer, depending on which world religion, philosopher or text you turn to.

The other day, my son, Hayden, said something that inspired me to think more on this subject. (Check out this video to find out what my son had to say about the matter — I was incredibly proud of what he had to say.)

But here I’m sharing a short and intimate conversation with the internationally renowned spiritual leader, Michael Bernard Beckwith, when I asked him to explain “God” to my 7-year-old son, Hayden.

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The Backstory

I’m very much against the idea of teaching religion to young kids. I think it is one of the worst things we do as parents today. I don’t want my son to blindly follow one single religion or worldview.

So I raised my son as a scientist so he’d never have over-eager relatives or schools hammer him with ideas from organized religion that lead to so much guilt and shame.

Instead, I want him to be able to integrate various facts, beliefs, and experiences into a strong value system. One that can guide him through life decisions. To challenge the brules of the world. To be curious enough to ask questions and examine the facts.

I want him to be a free-thinker.

But there’s a problem:

Science can’t explain everything…

Embracing facts doesn’t mean rejecting “God” or spirituality…

And spiritual contemplation can help us when science doesn’t have the answers.

Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith Explains God

So I turned to Michael to explain his idea of “God” to Hayden.

In this 3-minute video, he explains:

  • What God is;
  • The largest misconception about God;
  • Where we can find God.

I’ll be asking the same question to Muslims, Christians, Rabbis, atheist and more. This way, my son gets exposure to all world philosophies. (This is another form of immunization against dogma, the only way to teach religion is to teach ALL religions.)

I hope you enjoy Michael’s explanation and I invite you to join the conversation between Michael and me.

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What do you think the most important things we can teach our children are?

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