Tattoos In The Workplace: Using Photography To Tackle Outdated Beliefs

How can tattoos STILL be taboo in the workplace? The New Research Center found that 42% of people feel visible tattoos are always inappropriate at work and 39% said that employees with tattoos and piercings reflect poorly on their employers. Well, we believe ALL…

6 Lessons Of Growth From The Journey Of An Intern Turned Co-Founder

At 24, he was living with his family, sharing a room with his brother, had very basic knowledge of the English language, and had no experience in digital marketing. He wanted a chance at life. He hoped to get a job…

How To Manage A Happy Team

We’re on Her World! The famous Asian female magazine featured our own Veena Sidhu, CEO of Mindvalley Engage and head of our Channels and Publishing teams. In fact, Mindvalley Engage (which mostly manages our JV/Affiliate projects and programs) was our most…

Why Your Past Pain Is A Gift To The World — And How Not To Waste It

When I started my company, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was unconsciously infusing my values into the business. Values are beliefs. Some stupid. Some sane. Some best left unsaid — and we sometimes don’t actually fully…

If You Could Say One Thing To The World… What Would It be? [PHOTOGAPHY]

Love Is the True Black is a photographic movement with the mission of uniting the Human Race. The question they ask is: what would you say to the world if you knew everybody could hear and understand you? (and then write it on your body).…

How to Attract Brilliant Talent and Grow Like Crazy

In this 1-hour talk at MAGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre), Vishen outlines his strategy of how to transform the way business is done in the developing world and shares a model he believes any entrepreneur can emulate. His talk won best speech and got a perfect 5/5 from 300 or so entrepreneurs in the audience.

A Peek Behind Mindvalley’s Beautiful Workspace And The Inspiration Behind Its Design

“Tapping the Human Mind”: The Mindvalley HQ gets a 12-page feature in ID magazine Haven by The Edge, Malaysia and Singapore’s leading financial and investment news publication.

Award-Winning Photographer Shares His Top 10 Photos of Mindvalley

Art Director and photographer Paulius Staniunas, better known under his pseudonym All Is Amazing, shares his personal picks from his three years of capturing MIndvalley 🙂

A Time For Spiritual Reflection And Gratitude

We interviewed our Muslim co-workers and some observers of the Ramadan – month-long tradition of fasting and spiritual reflection before Eid – on what it means to them.

An Interview With One Of Our "Customer Support Moms"

When our former Customer Support Director, Hannah Zambrano, shared the story of her mother – of how her mother had been a great source of strength, love and inspiration to the woman Hannah is today, we too were inspired. So…