The Superpower 99% Of Us Forget We Have [TedX Talk]

In this talk, KarFei Cheah Head of Learning at Mindvalley shares a fascinating idea about how we can live our life by design — and not by default.

About The Video

Some of our most deeply engraved beliefs in our subconscious mind form at an age we barely remember — but they continue to shape our choices throughout the course of our lives.

Some of these beliefs might carry us forward — some of them might hold us back. And once we know the difference, we have the power to change them.

In this video, Karfei Cheah, life coach and Head of Learning at Mindvalley shares the 3 keys to living life on our own terms and shaping our beliefs in a way that it serves us the most.

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What’s one belief you wish to change that influences your life right now? Share it in a comment below.

KarFei Cheah

KarFei Cheah

KarFei is the Resident Coach and Head of Learning in Mindvalley where his primary focus is on helping the Mindvalley team to perform at their best every day.

His work on creating personal transformation in the life of his clients, from startups to multinational companies, has been featured on TEDx, the Huffington Post, the Malaysia Tatler, and on the official site of the International Coaching Federation.

He's also the first Malaysian to be selected as part of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invite-only coaches council by Forbes.

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