What Students Are Saying About Mindvalley University City Campus

What Students Are Saying About Mindvalley University City Campus


What happens when we create a new university that teaches you the skills you really need in life? Watch the video to hear students on Mindvalley U.

Is it possible to create a university where we could learn all the things that school forgot to teach us, like how to thrive in the modern, ever-changing world? Check out the video to hear students on how Mindvalley U changed their lives.

Students on Mindvalley U

What would happen if we reimagined college, community, and curriculum?

We did exactly that in 2017 in Barcelona — and our experiment exploded. For a month, we brought people together from all ages and backgrounds to a single city to learn, mastermind, connect, and experience life together. Our next Mindvalley University City Campus took place in Tallinn, Estonia.

And again, we saw how our community blossomed and evolved for an incredible month of collective growth experiences.

Here’s a quote from entrepreneur J.B Owen on the Mindvalley U community:

When you’re around so many amazing and powerful people who are so clear about their vision, it’s so easy to get clear about your power and your gift.

Watch the video to see exactly why students say that Mindvalley University City Campus not only became a new model of learning, it became a new model of living.

Expand Your Consciousness, Stimulate the Brain

Every day, the rate of change increases exponentially. That means we need more tools to adapt, to grow, and to connect with others.

That’s how Mindvalley University became a global campus for learning and transformation.

Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani decided to create Mindvalley University after realizing that education needed to adapt with modern times. Currently, rapid technological changes and globalization outpace our schools’ ability to evolve.

Traditional education is failing our world. Only around 35% of the global population graduate from a traditional university. Those who go through the experience come out the other side not feeling prepared for their careers and lives. But after this defining time period of 4 or more years, graduates are often left with the question, “What now?” And roughly 40% of people report they’re unhappy with their careers or their lives.

Is There a Better Way?

So what now? Can we improve the university experience?

We think so. We believe the most important thing we can do is center the experience around your holistic growth. For 30 days, we immerse you in a curated community of workshops, talks, and seminars. We bring in experts from every field of life. These fields include parenting, entrepreneurship, and health.

Oh, did we mention the amazing community at Mindvalley U? Students at Midvalley U create deep bonds and lifelong friendships with people of all ages, all backgrounds.

Whether you’re 6 or 96, at the end of 30 days, you’ll look back on your transformational learning and say, “It changed my life.”

And every year we bring Mindvalley University City Campus to another beautiful location. So take a look to see how a new city, a new experience, and a new evolution of education come together.


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