What Students Are Saying About Mindvalley University City Campus

Is it possible to create a university where we could learn all the things that school forgot to teach us, like how to thrive in the modern, ever-changing world?

What would happen if we reimagined college, community, and curriculum?

We did exactly that in 2017 in Barcelona — and our experiment exploded. For a month, we brought people together from all ages and backgrounds to a single city to learn, mastermind, connect, and experience life together. Our next Mindvalley University City Campus took place in Tallinn, Estonia. And again, we saw how our community blossomed and evolved for an incredible month of collective growth experiences.

Watch the video to see exactly why students say that Mindvalley University City Campus not only became a new model of learning, it became a new model of living.

Every year we bring Mindvalley University City Campus to another beautiful location. Are you ready to take part?

Join us at Mindvalley University City Campus for an entire month of immersive transformation with some of the best authors and speakers in personal growth. Find out more about how we’re reinventing modern education at Mindvalley University City Campus.

Which part of Mindvalley University City Campus are you most excited for? Share it with us in the comments below.

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