A Time For Spiritual Reflection And Gratitude

Every year, over 1 billion people around the world celebrate Ramadan — a month-long tradition of fasting, spiritual reflection and gratitude before the fast-breaking Eid.

In this time of spiritual reflection and gratitude, it is important to appreciate the simpler things in life: Health. Family. Loved Ones. Comfort. Humanity. Food on the table.

Seven percent of Mindvalley employees are Muslims, and this year many of our foreign team members were able to experience the Ramadan festivity with them. We also had a fast-breaking dinner at our HQ as part of our cultural celebration.

So we decided to record the event and interview some of our Muslim co-workers as well as some observers of the tradition on what it means to them.

On behalf of the international Mindvalley family, we’d like to thank and wish everyone a great Eid, and hoped you had a happy Ramadan 🙂



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