5 Simple Tips To Overcome Your Spiritual Growth Roadblocks

In this video, Jeffrey Allen, energy healer and teacher explains what are the most common roadblocks we face on our spiritul journey and how we can overcome them.

About The Video

Do you feel as if you’re stuck on your spiritual journey or not really sure what’s the next step you should take?

In this insightful video, Jeffrey Allen reveals the simple solution to the five most common spiritual growth roadblocks:

1. You can’t find time to do your spiritual practices;

2. You lack the motivation to keep a regular practice;

3. You experience mental resistance and you want to quit;

4. You try too many things and feel overwhelmed;

5. You feel like you’re failing or not doing the practice correctly;

Watch the video above for some practical tips to bring your spiritual practice to the next level.

What is your biggest spiritual roadblock? Share your experience in the comments below.

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