Expand Your Spiritual Awareness & Embrace A New World Of Limitless Possibilities

In one of the most electrifying speeches to ever take place on the Mindvalley’s A-Fest stage, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals the different stages of our conscious evolution, how to surrender to your calling and a new definition of success.

Can our world be saved?

In a time where the world seems to be in constant turmoil, it’s easy to think that humanity is simply spiraling out of control.

But what if the world doesn’t need to be saved at all? Instead, what if the solution to our problems lies in embracing a new paradigm of the world?

A world filled with limitless possibilities.

This was the topic of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith’s incredible speech, which was one of the most electrifying speeches ever given on our A-Fest stage.

Fusing together an extraordinary blend of personal tales, mesmerizing poetry, and palpable charismatic energy, what you’ll experience is less of a speech or a sermon, and more of an artful performance.

Structured similarly to a theatric play,  Rev. Beckwith’s speech is essentially spread across four different “acts,” as he guides you through the different stages of our spiritual awakening.

Act I: Recognizing your content from your consciousness

Two people can stand on the same planet but be in two different worlds.

— M.B. Beckwith

Break free from the many mental constructs imposed on you by our society, our media, our culture, our religion, and even our expectations of ourselves.

And as you learn how to expand your level of awareness, you’ll quickly discover the clear distinction between your consciousness and the content of your consciousness. 

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Act II: Living life through inspiration

If in fact, you open yourself and become available to insight and revelation… You become available to the presence that is everywhere — The intelligence, the insights, the world in which your physical eye can’t see.

— M.B. Beckwith

Discover a higher level of consciousness to operate your life at, as you shift from asking for what you want from the Universe to asking the Universe what it wants from you.

And by doing so, you’ll begin unraveling your life’s deepest calling.

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Act III: embracing a new world of limitless possibilities

We’re not here to save the world because the world is different from the planet. We’re here to serve a new paradigm… A new world of possibility.

— M.B. Beckwith

Take the next step of your spiritual evolution as you begin to serve a new paradigm of the world that is filled with abundance, love, and possibility.

And discover a complete redefinition of success were giving back to the planet is ingrained into everything we do in business and in life.

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Finale: Transcen-dance

Repeat after me:
All my needs are met!
I’ve got so much to give!
So much life to give!

— M.B. Beckwith

Closing this extraordinary performance, Rev. Beckwith brings the entire audience to their feet in a chorus of drums and celebration in our first-ever transcen-dance.

Michael Beckwith A Fest Crowd .jpg

Did Michael’s speech resonate with you? Share your personal insights with us in the comments section.

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