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Everything You Need To Know About The Solar Plexus Chakra

by Mindvalley January 23, 2019

The solar plexus chakra is located below the heart chakra and above the scaral chakra.

But what does the solar plexus chakra represent for you in your life?

Here’s everything you need to know about this important chakra.

What Is The Function Of The Solar Plexus Chakra?

Your solar plexus chakra is located above your navel and below your sternum. It functions as the center of energy associated with ego. It’s the source of personal power, self-belief, and self-worth.

Your solar plexus chakra is activated when you:

  • Muster the courage to do something that scares you.
  • Speak up for yourself.
  • Exert your willpower and self-control.

You’ll notice that in these situations, your energy is high, your posture is tall and commanding, and your is voice firm.

The solar plexus chakra is a the seat of your personal power.

Now, it’s important to recognize that personal power doesn’t mean power over others. It means self-mastery – the ability to master your thoughts and emotions, overcome any fear, and take appropriate action in any situation.

The Sanskrit word for the solar plexus is Manipura, or ‘shining gem.’ In fact, the solar plexus chakra gives you the ability to rise to the occasion in times of need.

This chakra is represented as being a vivid golden yellow in color. Like a ray of sunshine, the glow of the solar plexus chakra lights your path and warms your body with the glow of self-confidence.

The solar plexus chakra empowers you to follow and not be distracted from your true path.

The vibrant yellow of this chakra speaks to creativity, personality, intellect, and ego.

Solar Plexus Chakra

How Do You Know If Your Solar Plexus Is Blocked?

People with a weak solar plexus chakra see themselves as victims. They pessimistically walk with their heads down, put up with poor treatment, and have low expectations and aspirations. They are shy and rarely take a leadership role – but are quick to sarcastically put others down!

Persistent lack of self-confidence and self-worth erodes their resolve to do anything meaningful with their lives. As a result, they settle for a dull, frustrating existence.

It doesn’t take much for the solar plexus chakra to become blocked or weakened. In fact, criticism and rejection are two of the biggest contributors to a blocked solar plexus chakra.

Some people with feelings of inadequacy will dramatically overcompensate. This false show of bravado and self-glorification may be seen as confidence or arrogance, but it is false and crumbles easily. This can lead to serious depression and further over-compensatory behavior.

People with a healthy solar plexus chakra do not boast of their accomplishments – they let their results speak for themselves. They are confident but kind.

A closed third chakra can manifest itself as physiological problems too.

Due to the location of this chakra in the center of the body, digestive problems such as gas, nausea, ulcers, diabetes, celiac disease, and liver disease are associated with a blocked solar plexus chakra.

7 Ways To Open The Solar Plexus Chakra

So, if you suspect that your solar plexus chakra is blocked, what do you do?

Well, here are 7 suggestions for opening this chakra:

  • seek out new experiences and wisdom to expand your repertoire of knowledge and skills
  • dance
  • practice yoga
  • eat yellow foods such as bananas, corn, grains
  • drink herbal teas
  • wear yellow and introduce yellow accents into your home environment
  • encourage yourself to step out of your comfort zone by changing your daily routine.

By removing yourself from your comfort zone, your natural confidence will begin to emerge. Being outside our comfort zone is scary at first, but it focuses us to be in the moment and stop overthinking.

The key to a healthy solar plexus chakra is finding a balance between being heard without overpowering others with false displays of confidence.

Let your actions speak for themselves. And find the courage to take action by focusing on your strengths and taking small proactive steps.

How Do You Meditate On The Solar Plexus Chakra

How Do You Meditate On The Solar Plexus Chakra?

By concentrating your attention on healing this chakra, you can overcome shyness.

You can make your voice heard. You can freely express yourself. And, you can begin to regain your personal power.

But how can you overcome your shyness or lack of self-confidence?

Healing this chakra requires you to work on your self-esteem. And this is easier said than done.

Start by taking small, consistent steps toward achievement. You’ll gain confidence as you see progress!

Work on the “fake it ‘til you make it” approach. This is not bravado or overcompensation; it’s simply acting the part even before you fully embody the part.

Do this by:

  • dressing sharp
  • standing tall
  • speaking up
  • taking care of yourself with exercise and nutrition
  • looking people in the eye
  • smiling more

You can also use meditation to help develop the energy flow through this chakra.

Specific chakra meditations often make use of mudras, mantras, and chakra jewelry to help balance and restore the flow of energy.

Give meditation a try to focus your efforts and release any stagnant, stuck energy in your solar plexus.

Do you have any chakra healing tips you’d like to share with us? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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