Why You Should Have A Best Friend At Work — A Research On Happiness [9-Minute Video]

by Vishen Lakhiani January 15, 2018

The social connections we make in our lives drive our happiness, both at home and at work. Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley explains why in this video.

The #1 Indicator Of Success & Happiness

We rarely associate our workplaces with cultivating friendships and relationships — but it can be the key to our happiness, productivity, and overall well-being.

In this 9-minute video, Vishen Lakhiani shares ideas based on scientific research that show how simple shifts you can make in your company culture can boost productivity, happiness, and surprisingly bring massive increases in revenue.

Vishen also brings on a guest speaker, Shawn Achor, the famous Harvard psychologist behind The Happiness Advantage.

Highlights From The Video

  • (00:56) — The surprising advantage of having a best friend at work;
  • (01:45) — The stunning set of characteristics that cause certain people in companies to be 40% more likely to get a raise;
  • (03:54) — The simple 2-minute daily exercise that led one large corporation to see a 50% increase in revenue, massive improvements in productivity, and a culture so strong that Google flew down to investigate them.

Watch the video above to learn more and discover why it’s so important to create teams, companies, and even schools, that unite us as human beings and speak to our biologically-driven need to connect with others.

Social connection is the breadth, the depth, and the meaning in your social relationships. It’s actually the greatest predictor of long-term happiness.

– Shawn Achor

How did you meet with your best friend? Share your story with us in a comment below.

by Vishen Lakhiani
Vishen Lakhiani is the Founder and CEO of Mindvalley; the transformational education company which brings the world's best teachers and authors together to revolutionize education worldwide. He leads a team of 250 people from 49 countries building personal growth programs with cutting-edge learning technology and real-world events across the globe. Vishen is an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and a former board member of the XPrize Foundation. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller and #1 book on Amazon, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

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