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The Social Awareness Definition You Need to Know To Be Socially Aware

by Mindvalley December 10, 2018

We are social beings. Without social awareness, we simply won’t fit into any society.

So, as we are living in a society, we all must have a certain amount of knowledge on social awareness definition. But is it enough?

Don’t we often find ourselves in situations where we have said or done something that we shouldn’t have done? Don’t we often create awkward situations by unsuitable remarks or comments in a group?

All of these results from having lack of proper social awareness.

In any kind of situation, whether professional or personal, success and well-being largely depends upon how you manage and communicate with people.

And all this comes down to one single skill — having a robust social awareness.

This post is all about that.

Here, we will learn all about the true social awareness definition and how to develop social awareness in detail.

What Is The Social Awareness Definition?

What is the social awareness definition?

Broadly, social awareness refers to having an in-depth understanding of societal and communal set-ups, environments, problems, struggles, norms, and cultures.

It is as if you are able to feel the pulse and vibes of the society you are living in.

But in more practical terms, social awareness is the ability to know and feel the people around you and the ability to interact with them in the most efficient and proper manner.

In a nutshell, we can say that having social awareness means being able to appropriately deal with societal, as well as interpersonal, problems and struggles.

Having higher levels of social awareness allows you to perceive and solve social and interpersonal problems in a much better way. This, in turn, results in having great relationships, reputation, and professional success.

That’s why it is often equated with emotional intelligence.

Why Is Social Awareness Important?

We have already learned that, without social awareness, we would just become misfits of a society.

But is that all there is to it?

No. There is far greater importance of having social awareness than just getting along with the society.

With a higher social understanding, you will be able to:

  • Understand and communicate with people in a far better way.
  • Feel what they are feeling and say the words that are the best fit for the situation
  • Sense pain in others and take steps to alleviate it
  • Feel the vibe of the group and be a champion in communication and problem-solving
  • Be valued and respected for having above the average interpersonal skills
  • Contribute toward solving your society’s problems in a most effective way.

How Do You Develop Social Awareness?

What does social awareness mean?

Now, you might have noticed that there are some people who have a natural flare of getting along with others. Some people just have it in their nature.

But if you don’t have it naturally, there are ways to develop a greater understanding of society and people.

According to Daniel Goleman, an expert in this field, there are three competencies that you’ll have to develop in order to grow your social awareness skills.

1. Empathy

Being able to feel and sense what others are feeling.

2. Organizational awareness

Being aware of the inner atmosphere of a group — relationships, attitudes, and politics.

3. Service orientation

Sensing the needs of the situation and needs of others and responding likewise.

So, what can you do to nurture these competencies? Follow the 6 steps below.

6 Steps To Enhancing Social Awareness

1. Develop self-awareness

Knowing thyself is the first step towards knowing others.

Besides, expanding your self-awareness will also allow you to work on your response mechanism. Which means you will know how you are currently responding to various social environments and how can you improve.

Above all, the more you will dive deep within yourself, the more easily you will rise up the ladder of consciousness.

2. Observe others

Now, along with knowing yourself, keep working on observing other people. See how they are reacting to your comments and reacting to different external events.

For this, you will have to become more focused and listen to others more carefully to glimpse into the emotional states people.  You can also ask for feedback from the people near to you on how they feel about your social skills.

3. Cultivate mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation and other practices for inducing calmness help a lot on your way to becoming connected with other people and your environment.

The more calm and mindful you are, the better you will become at observing yourself, others, and various  situations.

4. Practice forgiveness

Practicing radical forgiveness, in turn, is able to make a lot of difference in not only improving your quality of life but also changing the quality of your consciousness.

If you are able to wholeheartedly forgive others, you will become less likely to get overpowered by difficult social occurrences and will be able to deal with people in a much better way.

5. Utilize affirmations and hypnotherapy

Often, it is observed that our subconscious beliefs and perceptions are blocking the way to meaningfully connect with the world around us.

Having regular affirmation practices and practicing self-hypnosis is very useful in removing these blocks and empowering us with skills to improve social awareness.

6. Reach higher levels of consciousness

On the journey of human evolution, humanity currently finds itself on the verge of a massive leap ahead to the state of limitless.

You can speed up your conscious evolution towards becoming limitless through certain transcendent practices.

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Once you steer near to that state of limitlessness, all the above mentioned steps start to happen automatically for you. And you will thus effortlessly become socially aware.

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