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How Does Self-Discipline Lead To Success? The Jon Butcher Approach

What would you choose if you could develop any positive trait in the world?

If you’re like most people, the number 1 trait people want more of in order to create the life they desire is self-discipline.

In this short, two-minute video, serial entrepreneur and Lifebook founder Jon Butcher shares how to get there.

The Secrets Of Self-Discipline And Success

How do you get yourself to do something whether you feel like doing it or not? How do you break through your self-imposed barriers?

If you want to be successful in anything, you need self-discipline.

Self-discipline is your ability to get yourself to do what you know you should do when you should do it, whether you’d like to or not.

— Jon Butcher

You can only create a life you love, manifest out-of-the-world success, experience extraordinary health, or enjoy liberating wealth if you’re able to strengthen your willpower.

It’s the difference between mediocrity and mastery.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that self-discipline is a muscle and like any muscle, you can train it. You can train yourself to do the hard thing first and make the small sacrifices so you can enjoy the big reward.

That’s how serial entrepreneur and Lifebook Founder, Jon Butcher, managed to craft his life into a masterpiece. He knows what he’s talking about. He used self-discipline to make all of the areas in his life extraordinarily successful. Here, he shares how you can start cultivating it too.

Choosing The Life Of Your Dreams

Most people never consciously think about the most important choice they can make — what life they want to create. Most people don’t even realize that they’re playing small. They don’t realize they’ve settled into a life that won’t make them happy.

They don’t even realize they have a choice.

So how do you choose a life worth living? What work does that involve?

The life of your dreams starts with going deep and being honest about what you want from life. It’s creating a life about you, for you, by you.

Jon and Missy Butcher did that for themselves. And along the way, he managed to create a premier lifestyle design system that helps you discover, shape, and realize your personal version of success.

That system is called Lifebook.

Through Lifebook, Jon and Missy Butcher guide you through all 12 domains in your life to envision a life beyond the one-size-fits-all goals of our society.  And it helps you create an actionable plan, so you can immediately take the steps necessary to live your best life.

About Jon And Missy Butcher

Jon and Missy Butcher are the founders of Lifebook, but they’re not personal growth teacher.

They’re artists, entrepreneurs, lovers, and adventurers who transformed their own lives with the system they invented. Now, they’re on a mission to transform 1 million lives with Lifebook.

Join Jon & Missy Butcher's Free Masterclass and discover the transformational 4-step goal achievement process that vaporizes your self-doubt and gives you a personalized game plan for living your ultimate life

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Masterclass:

Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of life, instead of rushing towards your fullest potential? Discover how to escape the 3 soul-crushing reasons most people unknowingly cheat themselves of their greatest lives.

Do you always set goals and rarely achieve them? It’s not your fault – traditional goal-setting is seriously incomplete! Discover how Lifebook empowers you to rapidly and consistently take charge of your life, and realize your every dream.

Experience the ‘Instant Clarity’ exercise: a powerful visualization exercise that guides you through your ideal day – and gives you instant clarity on who you really are, and what kind of life you really want to be living.

Step Into The New Year With A Crystal-Clear Vision For Your Ultimate Life

by Jon and Missy Butcher
Jon and Missy Butcher are the founders of Lifebook – but they’re not personal teachers. They’re serial entrepreneurs, lovers, and adventurers with a life most people would call “impossible.” Jon and Missy have founded 19 companies together. But unlike many financially successful people, they’ve also gained incredible mastery over every other area of their lives too. Over the years, many have asked Jon and Missy how they’ve designed such an extraordinary life. This is why Jon and Missy have made it their life mission to share a selection of their most empowering life envisioning strategies, life hacks, and models of reality that have helped shaped their extraordinary lives – and will soon do the same for you.

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